Country Life, Home Decorating Shows, Music and Art….Life is Good!


I need to set up a good online portfolio for my art, my happy hippie art, my healing art, my mandala art, my peace art, but for some reason when I sit down to try to build the page on here or on Wix I go brain dead and cannot get it together and then I feel guilty because I’m wasting time that I could be working a on an art quilt or peace flag or pretty paper design…what I really really really want to do is design patterns for pretty papers and textiles!! I once worked with a textile designer and he was awesome I wish I wanted to know then what I want to know now! Isn’t that just how it goes? He bought my daughter her very first car seat! Twenty years ago that was so I doubt if he would remember me at all. Maybe I’ll google him and see what he’s up to these days. The company we worked for shut down so I don’t know what he went on to but I know he was friends with the designer who had a show for a while on HGTV, Christopher Lowell…I loved him. I love decorating shows and home improvement shows and house hunting shows. I love love love houses. I wouldn’t want to be a realtor though. I would want to collect all the great houses for myself and eat up my commissions! Lol. My dream home is always manifesting in my third eye. I love love love where I live…the land and horses and peacocks that live all around us, stopping to let the chickens have the right of way, the moaning dove crying out everyday at 4pm, the rooster crowing all day long on cloudy days…is he confused?, does he like cloudy days? I love the nods from the farmers as they pass by in old pick up trucks and the horse and buggy that comes out of the barn for a spin around the country lane on weekends. I love the trees and the grass and hawks! I love the big Carolina sky. I love the South! I don’t care for country music…very much…I like some stuff though. I used to love Shania Twain and Brooks and Dunn…Boot Scoot Boogie…but I’m classic rock girl, a George Harrison girl, a peace love and happiness girl. I have been known to dance around to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis though…Thrift Shop! and of course the Happy song from Pharrell Williams he seems like a cool guy and I liked that song by that guy who’s dad was on tv in the ’90s…what’s his name?…..Blurred Lines! that’s the song. But I can only take this other music for just so long until I retreat to America and The Alan Parson’s Project and The Beatles and Bread and Lobo. I could at one time play Me, You and a Dog Named Boo on the keyboard lol. I want another keyboard! Yard sales will start back in the Spring and I bet cha I can find a keyboard at one!! I’m running a little late today but it’s Saturday so it’s ok right? I mean I have showered and dressed and fed furry critters and practiced yoga and tai chi and took some pics of the art I’m currently working on and had some coffee…though not nearly enough coffee!! As if there is such a thing for me! It’s funny cause it’s true! Ask anybody. There’s so many many many things I want to get done today. The website for one, the goodies that will be the promotional mailing hippie fun stuff, coloring on the art quilt panel, the art therapy coloring book, finishing the art quilt from yesterday, listing new art in my etsy shop and a work on a great zine I started before Thanksgiving!!! and…I’ve got another load of laundry to do and meals to plan and cook and an errand to run and any random life stuff that pops up you know, like phone calls and cat fights and spontaneous fits of fun. So, I’d better go get at it right?! I don’t want to work on a website though. I hate that! I don’t want to sit at the computer getting frustrated. Maybe I’ll just set up my portfolio right here on another page of the barefoot home! Maybe then art directors would get curious and read a blog post and see I am who I say I am and maybe just maybe that would make them want my art even more!! It’s a warm cozy personal place here at the barefoot home, this is my Life after all and my Life is ART and all the random stuff in between. I love LOVE love this idea!! Just because it’s not titled Dawn Collins Art shouldn’t hinder anything should it. It just needs to look good, represent my art well and be easy to navigate. Ok, I think this is doable. I just wonder if there’s a way to add a cart to my blog in case anyone wants to buy a poster or print we’re about to start offering having now in our home a professional printer!! My Christmas gift from Wayne. I’ll have to check on that too…google maybe? Does anyone know if you can add a cart here? Ok, friends, I’m out of coffee and I need Need NEED it. So I’m off and away to great things today and I hope y’all are too!! Hugs and Peace all around! Try to stop by tomorrow ok? When I get 10,000 blog hits I’m going to reward myself with a trip to Target to buy a case of this pomegranate water I used to keep on hand all the time when I taught yoga! Don’t forget to hug your hippie today! Much Peace Love Art ~DSCN1691


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Simply Wanda says:

    If you go with PayPal they have a (add to cart) button you can create and add to your website.

    Hugs to the only hippie chick! 🙂

    1. Simply Wanda says:

      Ooops…. the only hippie chick I know!! 😉

      1. dawn says:

        Thanks for the info!!! I’ve got to get this going!! This hippie chick hearts you Wanda 😀

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