Yoga, Art Quilts, Coloring Books, Barking Dogs and Homecooking…it’s going to be a great day!


DSCN0514I just finished practicing yoga for a little over an hour and I feel great. Piper is sleeping on Mac mini and my coffee, the first cup of the day but no where near the last, is just about gone. I have another art journal quilt almost drawn and another work in progress almost finished and I want to work on the art therapy coloring book I’m really excited about!! It’s going to be full of zentangle and mandalas and quotes and patterns and jam packed with positive energy and I’ll probably even draw inspiration from it to make into art quilts too!! I’m feeling so alive and energized and smelling like Japanese Blossom…there’s Nag Champa incense burning and soon after money drawing incense will be lit. I want to work on a art quilt for my soul sister Tami, I miss her so much!! We haven’t been to the flea market since Christmas! I want to get my snail mail art surprises ready to go out on Monday too. If anyone wants a artsy surprise via the good old fashion way…snail mail…just send me your address…I bet you’ll like it! I love mail! Don’t you? I just love opening the little door on the mail box and seeing what treasures might be inside. This week I found a zine from my friend Steven in Utah! I love love love mail…the good old fashion kind. Email is great too..quick and easy instant gratification and all that but there’s just something about opening the envelope sent to you by someone who took time to mail it to you…I like old fashion, vintage, by gone days, easy living, anyway, as you already know I am sure. We’re having a good old fashion kind of lunch today…homemade veggie soup and my bread!! I can’t wait!! It’s going to be chilly and rainy today so it’s the perfect day for comfort food. Wayne’s taking Sky for a check up this morning and I’ll work on my art. while soup cooks on the stove top and bread rises and a pie bakes and kitties sleep and dogs too.  I wish insurance would cover holistic doctors! Oh my gosh it sounds like every dog in a twenty mile radius is barking!! And a man is yelling his head off too! I must investigate! Y’all have a great day and try to stop by again tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~


2 Comments Add yours

  1. lepasarius says:

    Sounds like a very cozy Winter day!

    1. dawn says:

      One of favorite kinds of days! I even named my daughter Rainy 🙂 I hope your day is magical too~

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