Hot Cocoa with or without marshmallows…Art Quilts, and Tasty Food!


I may have a commissioned hippie peace flag to make!! I love love love making them!!

I finished the mini art quilt for lovers of cocoa DSCN1666and really who doesn’t love cocoa…with or without marshmallows or chocolate shavings or whip cream drizzled with salted caramel! imgres-2But please, if I’m having cocoa I’m so having whip cream! imgres-1Sprinkled with hot pepper seasoning of course! I like to add a touch of cocoa to my mocha coffee too. I make a nice mug of hot cocoa for Wayne or Sky and then drizzle a bit of the chocolatey goodness into my cafe au chocolat coffee from Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen (I buy it at the market…Food Lion, but you can order it online too… and I’m not getting a kick back or free coffee they don’t even know my name! but I know theirs and it is delicious!!! ) Anyway! The mini quilt is so so so cute!! I really love love love it!! I can’t wait to work on another one today. Yesterday I accomplished nothing but chores and errands but now that stuff’s out of the way I can make art and meals today. Maybe it will be sandwich day! Chicken sandwiches for lunch and hot dogs for dinner or vice versa…simple and easy! Tomorrow is going to be a rainy day so it’ll be perfect for soup and homemade bread to go with it and left overs for french toast on Saturday morning and a nice afternoon snack on Sunday…if the bread lasts that long. Maybe I’ll make a pizza on Sunday….well, a pizza or two! Or three! Or maybe little personal pan pizzas!! I like that idea a lot! I love personal pan pizzas made in my cast iron pans and I have a small SMALL iron skillet that could be mine, I have a step up in size from that one which could be Sky’s and I have a medium with Wayne’s name written all over it. I have a super big one if I was to make a large pizza but Rainy will be off with Michael so I’ll stick with extra small, small, and medium. I’ll have mine loaded with veggies, no cheese except maybe cottage cheese…I like cottage cheese but I wonder what it would taste like if I omitted the sauce and replaced it with pimento cheese and of course, leave out the cottage cheese…hmmm… Wayne will want meats and a few veggies and Sky will want lots and lots and lots of cheese and maybe a few pepperonis….served with salads and breadsticks made from left over dough….maybe I’ll take some extra dough and fill it with cream cheese and see what happens. I don’t mind experimenting in the kitchen, my family may mind it but I don’t lol. I was so smart!! I made for a meal on Monday meat ball subs slathered in mayo and topped with mozzarella cheese and served with fries and onion rings…they loved it. The next day, Tuesday,  I used the left over meat balls (cutting them in half so they would go further,) in spaghetti with salads and garlic bread. Yesterday, Wednesday, I used the meat balls once more and left over spaghetti to serve with cheesy chicken parmesan served with salads and bread sticks….three cohesive meals one melding into the next effortlessly but tastefully!

Here comes the sun! It is so beautiful and inviting me to have coffee and watch the light show so I’m going to accept the invitation and enjoy this quiet moment of peace and early morning and coffee and I hope y’all do too and I hope hope hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow!! Much peace Love art !

secret or what you may not know about me….I’ve never been to New England but I’ve always thought I should live there…in a tiny little sea side village tucked away in a storybook cottage in the middle of nowhere…


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  1. Simply Wanda says:

    I’ve never tried hot cocoa with hot pepper seasoning! My dream is similar to yours. I have always wanted to live in a house like the one in the movie Funny Farm, somewhere in Connecticut, Maine or one of the New England states.

    1. dawn says:

      Funny Farm!!! Exactly!!!! I also like the houses on Baby Boom and Practical Magic too 😀 But Funny Farm is my most favorite!!! 😀 Hot pepper seasoning is so so so good in hot cocoa and coffee too!

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