Aceos, What’s For Lunch and Life…


Yesterday was just like a Spring day! Oh my gosh! I couldn’t believe the weather! I love love love winter though I really do. I love the crisp chill, the scarves, the frosty window panes and snow…when we get it! But I have to admit I was totally enticed to be outside yesterday so I took my coffee and my HGTV magazine and sat on the front porch for a while after my walk and loved every little minute of it! Our birds are back too.  They had left for a while but now they’re back! I’m so glad! I love them so much. I’ve got to put out more food for them today. I’m really chilly right now but I know it’s going to be warming up again today and I can’t bring myself to kick up the heat and really it’s just my hands that are cold. Last night, oh my gosh, I had one hot stinking flash after another! I thought I was going to have to walk outside! I see a lot of COLD coffee in my future this summer not hot. It’s all good though. I cooked spaghetti and meat balls yesterday with bread and salads. So, today will be left over spaghetti and meat balls with chicken parmesan and bread and salads. Sky’s all set to cut open the pineapple today too. I’m going to work on setting up a new portfolio site this weekend before contacting potential new clients and today I want to work on another mini art quilt and finish drawing/writing on my latest panel for the big big big quilt. And I know January is almost done and I haven’t kept up with my personal challenge of sending out something to a magazine but I did do the Thriving Artist summit from start to finish and that took a lot of time so I’m not going to feel bad if I miss the challenge this month especially since I have kept up with the personal aceo challenge…you know a new card everyday…and who knows…the month aint over yet! And it’s early so if I leave y’all now and go get more coffee and check my etsy shop and emails too I can still maybe get some art done before breakfast which will have to be a little early since Wayne has a dentist appointment this morning. So, I’m off but I’ll leave you with proof of my aceos! DSCN1658I hope you’ll join me again tomorrow for more Peace Love Art ~

secret or what you may not know about me….I have a 1966 Karmann Ghia that I’m going to restore…someday…I love that car!


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