Dance To The Beat Of Your Own Tambourine and Puddle Jump too!

I used to keep my now long long long hair cut really short, you know like Maggie on Northern Exposure, but now I can’t imagine doing that. I think sometimes the thought of my hair isn’t age appropriate and then I laugh because that’s just stupid! Who cares about age appropriateness? Not me certainly! Lol, I’m not appropriate in much else why start with my hair 😀 It’s ok, go ahead call me Cousin It if you want to lol imgresI believe we should do do no harm but take no shit either. I believe we are the age we feel we are not the number attached to us by some math! I hate math! I’m good at remembering numbers but bad at math and most of the time, off the top of my head, I couldn’t tell you my age! I’d have to do the math!! Then I’d need paper or fingers and toes lol. I don’t care about age. I think we should dance to the beat of our own tambourine!  I feel good! I really really really good!!

Tambourine Girl
Tambourine Girl

No back pain, no stomach ulcers any more…not since I began eating hot and spicy food all the time…the pain gave up and went away. Ok, so the Carolina Reapers I ate a few months ago aggravated it…my stomach…but I ate too many of them at once…seeds too! I know the hottest peppers of all time and I ate it all in spades! It was so darn tasty though! But I do feel awesome! I practice yoga and tai chi every morning and walk outdoors with Wayne twice a day. Just breathing in the fresh air is awesome! I love donning my hat and scarf and sweater coat and taking my coffee along. We manifest while we walk and it is so much fun. We look at the Carolina blue sky and the  trees and stop to talk to the horses and pet dogs that join in the stroll down our country lane. We speak to the cats who watch us from high perches and nod to passersby who are no doubt accustomed to seeing us walk daily…even on cold cold cold drizzly days! I love walking in the fog and mist. I love walking in the summer rain, with a umbrella in case it gets too heavy but I try not to use it if I don’t have to…when it’s summer and warm and green it’s just right for puddle jumping! Rainy and Michael found us a great place to go hiking, practically in our back yard!! I had no idea of it!! There’s a lake and waterfall and everything!! The hiking trail is just short of an hour and I’m so gonna try it out this week!!! For now though, I’m off the kitchen for coffee and put my laundry in the dryer and get going on a new art quilt I started yesterday while football was on. Oh my gosh what a game!!! The Seahawks and Green Bay!! Epic!! Epic! Epic! Speaking of Epic…I think today is going to be Epic…I really do…no reason for it…just a feeling…a knowing…we’ll see what happens! So, y’all try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~

secret…or what you may not know about me….I don’t like parties.


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