I Just Believe In Lots Of Things…

A tie dye kind of life
A tie dye kind of life

There is no moon view from my window this morning. I wonder where it is. It’s 6:06 in the morning and it’s so dark out only the slightest shimmer of light on the road from a security light post across the street. Piper needs a scratching post. Do you ever read tarot cards? I used to…all the time. I haven’t much lately but now mine are sitting on the table next to my key board. I don’t think there’s anything evil about them at all. I mean I’m not evil I just believe in lots of things….peace, love, happiness, family, tasty comfort food, good coffee, art, you and me too, the laws of attraction, karma, sharing our world, doing no harm, hiking and just being outdoors as much as possible. Living and letting live. Running barefoot across summer morning dewy grassy hills picking wild flowers that start to droop and giving them a second breathe in a mason jar of water on the kitchen window sill. I believe in the power of Love. I believe in purpose and goals while maintaining spontaneity and flexibility. I believe in ghosts…I have to…I see them all the time…a little secret you may or may not know about me depending if you’ve read any of my mostly ghostly blog posts (smilies). Rainy and Michael went geocaching yesterday to find a foot. A buried foot. A man in the 1800’s lost his foot in a run in with a train…somehow… and he kept his sense of humor. He buried his foot with a tombstone and everything that read…here lies my foot. When he passed over a long time after he was buried next to his foot! She took a picture…hold on I’ll find it, I think it’s on Facebook…be right back….couldn’t find it but I’ll get it later. Wayne said they should take an old worn out shoe and half way bury it in the ground! I love love love that idea!! That would’ve been a great thing to leave behind after they found the site! Maybe me and Wayne will go do it!! Ok, so, I believe in breakfast for dinner especially if pancakes are involved with hot buttery syrup and veggie bacon. Today I think I may like a veggie chicken biscuit for lunch with sweet potato fries seasoned well. I believe in nostalgia and I think you can live in the past to a degree, by taking the best parts of it with you into the future. I believe in the power of words and music and hugs. I believe furry friends are family too and I believe it’s time for me go get more coffee…hot buttery caramel coffee….and then work on some art and catch up on my soap and listen to the last lecture on the Thriving Artist summit. So, y’all have a wonderful Sunday, send my Sky positive vibes…he wasn’t feeling too good when he went to bed last night…so positive healing vibes are appreciated!! Thanks and I’m sending peace and love back to y’all!! Try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~


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