a little moment in time….


today my blog is just a wish made in this one little moment of time as frost makes mandalas on the window panes, coffee perks  away and Piper chases fairies. the incense burns releasing positive energy and drawing good things in our comfy cozy bohemian home and all is well. my wish is… for this day…friday…to be filled with things you love….you  fill in the blank _______________________…for me that will be my little family, our furry friends, my art, coffee, tasty food (homemade soup left over from yesterday and bread too!), the hum of the sewing machine and of course peace, country life and walking. feel free to share your little list if you want. it just felt like a no capitalization kind of post you know…just a peaceful easy vibe like drifting into morning wrapped in warm fleece and wooly boots kind of thing. softly, easily, with rounded edges and dim lights and magic…y’all try to stop by the barefoot home tomorrow ok? much peace love art ~

secret…or what you may not know about me….i believe in fairies  and wishes 🙂image


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