.25 Book Sale! Here’s what I do with garlic and Exciting stuff with my Art!! There’s a secret at the end…


Our Restore had a .25 book sale yesterday, it’s actually going on through Saturday so I may go back!! I bought eight books!! Many of them are cook books!

.25 book sale!!
.25 book sale!!

I can’t wait to delve into them!! One is low fat recipes from around the world!! The world!!! And one was for me…vegetarian!! Although Wayne has ate completely vegetarian meals two days in a row! I made collard greens! I’ve never ever made collards before and they were so good!! I just winged it you know? I pulled the leafs from the biggest part of the stems and washed them…the leafs…throughly and then chopped the collards into bite size pieces including the thinnest part of the stems. I sprayed my cast iron skillet with Olive Oil and threw in garlic…now here’s what I do with garlic…I don’t mince or chop it I peel it and smash it with the side of my knife to get the juices flowing and throw it in whole that way it flavors the food but when you’re done cooking you can just throw it out easy peasey! Ok, so I sprayed the skillet with OO, threw in the garlic and tossed in the collards spraying them also and then added salt and pepper and mixed them all around. I covered them for a couple of minutes to let them cook down but not scorch…I added water after a couple of minutes and covered again letting them cook down…I added rosemary and thyme and kept watch that they didn’t run out of water. I just cooked them to taste and when they were to the tenderness I wanted I put them in a bowl and voila! a easy healthy dish!! Wayne added vinegar to his and I didn’t but next time I think I’ll toss in some jalapeno peppers… i love peppers! Banana peppers would work too! Today I’m making soup, a nice big pot of veggie soup and more homemade bread. That way we can all eat the same thing for lunch instead of playing diner lol. I just made bread on Monday or was it Tuesday? anyway, it’s almost gone now! We love love love homemade bread!

I finished three drawings for the 1960s commission so yay! I think I may put a coloring book together based on this theme! and a zine too! I’m going to start a new thing in my etsy shop too! A neat little limited time offer of a selection of my art for a pay what you want price!! I think I may start off as invitation only so if you dig my art and want to know when this little idea is going to come into play comment ok? I’ll need your email to send you an invitation…Here’s my email if you want to connect with me…thehippieartist@yahoo.com I’m really excited about this!! Hopefully I can get going on this and implement it soon and then if it goes well maybe do it again once every month!! I’m also going to try…TRY… to keep track of drawings I do each month and then put together a month’s worth of coloring pages/art journal pages/aceos…to sell as a collection in my etsy shop!!! Really excited about this too! Lot’s of new ideas are going to come into play in my art!! It’s so exciting!!!!

Y’all it’s really beautiful out here today. There’s frost on everything! and the sky is a pale and pink and blue and just looks cold! Piper is sleeping on Mac using it for warmth no doubt! Bijou is in my Nona’s chair snuggled against a wooly shawl that’s draped over it and sleeping like a baby. It’s quiet and peaceful…there’s incense burning and candles too and life is good. I’ve already practiced tai chi and yoga and my body is feeling so alive and happy! Today! Today I will quilt!! I’m really happy to have time to get to my pastels and crayons and sandpaper and sewing machine!! You know what? I can’t wait any longer!! So, y’all take care and have the most wonderful day you’ve had in a long long long time! I hope y’all come back tomorrow!! Peace Love Art~

Secret or what you might not know….I talk in my sleep and laugh too!



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