Sharing Peace Love and Happiness….Imagine a Unified World! there’s another secret at the end…


coffee aceoBabies it’s cold outside! I woke up this morning and leaned over sleeping Wayne to see the clock on the table on his side of the bed…it was 4:25am….it was chilly in our room so I snuggled back down under the covers up to my ears for another ten minutes then I heard the Yoga Muse calling and the promise of Mr. Coffee brewing hot Buttery Caramel afterwards so I pulled one arm out from the covers then the other and thought for a split second about diving back under but I knew a hot shower and Japanese Blossom body wash and lotion awaited as did the Thriving Artist summit and art and life so in one fell swoop I was up and out closing the bedroom door behind me. Now after an hour of tai chi and yoga and after retrieving the promised coffee here I am! In my studio, candles and incense burning, one kitty up with me one still sleeping. It quiet only the hum of the heat do I hear. I am overwhelmed sometimes by the peace and happiness I feel at times like these. I mean just like life is so right you know…for a while there all is right with the world. It’s this feeling I wish I could harness and bottle and share with the entire planet! What a truly peaceful happy place it could be for all. Imagine that! I just want to bask in this emotion for a while dear friends so this is going to be a short blog…a good thing probably since yesterday’s blog went on and on and on. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the collard greens I cooked for the first time in my whole life and how extremely tasty they were!!! Oh my gosh! So good!! For now though…Peace Love Art….stop by tomorrow ok? I’ll have coffee!

secret…or what you may not know about me….sometimes I like a shot of diet soda in my coffee~


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