Orange Crush, Should I Design Pretty Papers? and What’s for Lunch…something tasty….there’s a secret at the end of my blog…

I didn’t get to quilt yesterday but I did purchase printer ink, card stock for coloring book orders, groceries, fabric dye for quilts and peace flags, envelopes, orange crush juice powders

tasty 5 calories!
tasty 5 calories!

(have y’all tried these? they are so so so good!! I also bought lavender scented hand soap and Pepsodent tooth paste and I almost bought the most happy glorious colors of card stock ever to make my molas but I didn’t…I have enough colored papers to get going on molas but there’s just something about pretty papers I find hard to resist.images-4 images-3Hey! now it’s occuring to me that perhaps I could do patterns for pretty papers!! I found those images just now on google so look at them and  look these images of my art…

Bashful Sun going to Florida tomorrow!
Bashful Sun going to Florida tomorrow!

DSCN0203100_5521What do y’all think? Woud scrapbookers like my art? Would they make pretty papers? Has this blog been an eye opening experience for my art career? I feel like I just had one of those Ah-Ha! moments Oprah and others have spoke of!

I remember in school, not sure which grade but it doesn’t matter anyway, but now I’m thinking it was 8th grade at Albemarle Jr. High School (in NC), I remember one of the girls had purple loose leaf notebook paper! And I think pink too! I loved it! How I longed for the pretty paper!!! I would love a Valentine’s gift of pretty papers even colored notebook papers…pink, purple, blue…I wonder if they still make loose leaf notebook paper in colors…It’s a wonder they still make notebook paper at all with everything being so digital anymore! I love paper and ink pens too! Oh my gosh, in Jr. high I discovered Bic pens. The kind you could see through and know how much ink you had left. I loved those. Now I use Ink Joy pens 1583173843396406834. Pens and notebooks are really important to me lol…they just really are! I already mentioned this the other day but since we’re on the subject…I really do like the feel of the paper after you’ve bared down hard while writing…I bet it’s like braille! I just really love paper….paper ornaments, paper garland, paper flags, paper chainsimages-1, paper dollsimagesI use to make my art on paper…but now I love making my art on fabric! Still contemplating trying to get into the paper design market and I really really really want to design fabrics too!! In Jr. high I decided I was going to be a fashion designer! It’s all I wanted to do all the way into my twenties and now I’m way way way beyond those years I don’t want to design clothes any more…just the fabrics. Fabrics that make home… home…comfy cozy cute crazy bohemian bead embellished pillows and tassels and colorful rugs and coffee cosies! Oh my gosh, here I go again! I really miss being away from my sewing machine the past few days! I like that little light that guides the way and the gentle hum as the foot does it’s business. I watched a video on YouTube this morning while getting dressed and now I can’t wait to “paint” with thread. I want some new threads! I want some metallic threads! And variegated threads too! I’ve got an Amazon gift card…I was going to use it to buy pastels or chalks or something but now I’m leaning toward threads. Sky and I cleaned out his clothes the other day and now I have two grocery bags of t-shirts that I think I’m going to make into t-shirt yarns! I bet cut and rolled into yarn balls they would work up pretty quick as rag rugs using a big big big crochet hook! A fun little project for some rainy Sunday afternoon with coffee and a big overstuffed chair and fat fluffy kitty to snuggle up with!

Oh, I also bought a new notebook just for our business. Now all my notes will be in one place, who we contact and when, follow ups, road trips, prints made, possible markets for my art…I found several yesterday I want to contact…man oh man, it’s really a blustery day out there! It’s still too dark to see but I hear the wind really cutting up! My chimes are singing like a Christmas Coral Concert!

I soaked pinto beans overnight so y’all know what’s for lunch right? Pintos, stewed cabbage, pan fried potatoes or maybe I’ll stew them…I love love love stewed potatoes! Yeah, I just may do that because I’m making a loaf of bread today too and I’d love to have some stewed potatoes and bread and slaw and stewed cabbage and I know slaw and stewed cabbage seem redundant but it’s what I’m jonesing for right now and it’s healthy enough (I use Dukes low fat mayo and you can’t go wrong with vinegar or so my mom says) so it’s all good. I don’t care for pinto beans. I love kidney beans but not pintos and I really wish I had some collard greens. I wonder if Wayne would go by and pick up some collards? Did you know collard greens are the healthiest of foods?! imgresThey are really really really good for you! I bought tangelos yesterday and usually we have oranges so this was a very tasty change! We actually like them even better! I bet some shortbread or even sponge cake with a combo of tangelos and strawberries and a dollop of fat free 15 calorie whip cream would be a really tasty desert!

this looks pretty good!
this looks pretty good!

I have a recipe for spongecake but do I have time today to make it? I don’t have strawberries but I have the tangelos and whip cream too…I have three lectures to listen to today and art to make….and bread to make but since I’m already making bread…oh my gosh, who knows…I’m just going to let the day lead me along this path today. Right now it’s leading me to make some art so I’m off…finally got a good start on the 1960’s poster commission so keep the positive vibes coming!! Hey! good news! My art got put into two etsy treasuries yesterday! Here’s the links if y’all want to check them out….etsy treasury and the other one….etsy treasury 2 mine is Dawn Collins Art 😀

Oh my gosh! I hear sirens! We never hardly ever hear those way out here, donkeys we hear, roosters we hear, dogs we hear, even peacocks we hear, but not sirens! I hope everything is ok but sirens usually denote that things are indeed not ok so sending positive vibes out into our little rural village for whoever needs it!

Y’all have a great day! A tasty day! A memory made kind of day! And try to stop by again tomorrow! Peace Love Art~

secret….I like to pretend I’m in London on foggy days and in my head I use the accent…I never been there in real life though…


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