Today’s To Do List, Grocery List, Menus and Random Life Stuff…there’s a secret at the end…


Oh my gosh y’all! Today is going to be the busiest day ever! I’ve already showered, dressed (Japanese Blossom lotion again!). I’ve done yoga and tai chi and fed the pets and washed clothes and now they’re in the dryer. I’ve made and drank coffee of course and listened to one seminar online a big thank you to Bonnie at The Thriving Artist!! Random comment…Dollar Store sweetener (in the pink pack) is better than sweet-n-low or Food Lion brand. Ok, let’s see, oh yeah, clothes drying so they’ll be done and put away before breakfast. I made some subtle changes to the kitchen. I rearranged the important things…the coffee pots of course! Rainy uses the one that makes just one cup at a time…don’t ask me what the point is in that! lol. Now we have a nice coffee station that I may tweak just a bit more! But I like it! I’ve got to take some pics! I moved the toaster too. Anyway, again I digress, ok, so, today is research day so Wayne and I are going out to Target to wander up and down the aisles to get names of companies that my art may be a good fit for and get inspired and information. Then I’ve got to go to the dreaded Walmart for printer ink and card stock and then the dollar store for envelopes and lavender soap, then the market for:












whip cream

jello cups

orange juice






bacon bits

veggie stock big box and small box & lots of veggies for soup

canned tomatoes

honey wheat bread

pita bread

This week’s menus look like this….

homemade soup and bread

chicken and rice with veggies

pintos, stewed cabbage, pan fried potatoes and yeast bread

Ravioli with salad and garlic bread

Little Smokies with fries and onion rings and cheese chunks and bbq dipping sauce

homemade hot pockets

corn dogs and potato wedges

Ok, so, that’s laundry and Dollar Store and Walmart and bank and Food Lion and Target….later after lunch I’ve got to fill out customs forms and bind a fifty page coloring book and get it up online for my client and work on something for a gift for Bonnie and Samantha and Tami too! I haven’t seen Tami in a couple of weeks now and I miss her so much!!! I want to make her something really special for the New Year! And I’m still trying to get the 1960’s commission piece to come together…which should be coming easy since that’s my thing but I’m struggling with it and I think that’s because I’m overthinking it! When I overthink I don’t create! So, I’m letting go of that as of now!! Tomorrow I’m going to the post office! It’s going to be a great day! It’s a rainy day though and rainy days make me want to be home…drinking coffee and making art!! But I’ll feel different after the sun finally comes up which is taking even longer now since it’s raining and I love love love it so much!! I’ve got to get Sky appointments for the dentist and check up too!!

I want to quilt today!!!! I NEED to quilt today!!!
I want to quilt today!!!! I NEED to quilt today!!!

Y’all wish me luck ok! Send positive vibes! I’ve got to catch up on scanning those aceos too! I am keeping up with my personal aceo a day for a year challenge!! I’m just not scanning them everyday and I should and I will! I smell onion rings but I don’t have any cooking…must be a strange blend of my Spiritual Guide incense and warm apple pie in the hot pot and pink sugar candle burning in the dark window right now…it smells really good in here but I’m getting hungry! Lol!

Y’all try to stop by again tomorrow ok? Please! I love y’all!! and I love Peace Love Art ~

Today’s secret or what you may not know about me….I used to be scared of lizards but I’m not any more…now I love them actually!


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  1. Love your blog! check out my yoga blog! 🙂 –

    1. dawn says:

      Thanks! Heading over to yours now 😀 Peace and Hugs! Namaste ~

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