Cold Butter & Vanilla Waffers, Vintage Refrigerators, Art, and Sunday in our Bohemian Life…there’s a secret at the end…


It’s happening again. The sweet tart sky…orange at the base of the trees then a vermillion hue then deep pink that fades out into lighter pink then salmon then pale grayish lavender then deeper lavender then pale blue. Oh my gosh, it is so spectacular. My mom always got up to watch the sunrise….now she sleeps in if she can. I don’t sleep in…ever. I can’t. My body clock wakes me up every morning at 4 but sometimes like yesterday and today too I stayed under the nice warm covers next to Wayne until almost 5! Then I took a shower, coated myself in Japanese Blossom (my newest favorite lotion) put on soft soft soft baggy baggy baggy pants and sweater (it is Sunday after all and we’re going nowhere but out for a walk or two) I fed my pets and practiced Tai Chi. I love Tai Chi so so so much!!! It enhances happiness like by a million just like yoga! It has to be a meridian thing. After Tai Chi I practiced the Sun Salutation a few times then rolled up my mat, put on my shoes and got my first cup of coffee of the day and oh my gosh it is so good!!! I start the day off with Food Lion’s Hot Buttery Caramel and end it with Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen Cafe au Chocolat with dollops of whip topping! Deceivingly decadent since the whip cream has only 25 calories for 2 Tablespoons or maybe one Tablespoon either way it’s not that much and there’s no fat so who cares anyway? I only want whip cream in my chocolate coffee not my buttery caramel! You know what I’m craving right now though? When I was a kid my Nona kept in her refrigerator (which she had to clean out to defrost every so often)…it was one of those white ones with the silver lever handle that clicked…I loved that sound!..let me see if I can find one real quick…hold on…Ok, I’m back, I totally got distracted by the 1950s! I love love love vintage everything!!!! I found one that I think was like her’s if memory serves m1gTknvo6HUEm4zrdy8-STgand a whole bunch of ones I want to choose from…images images-1manifesting!! Anyway, in the fridge she had butter sticks not tubs of soft butter but stiff sticks of butter on a glass butter dish with a lidimages-3. The butter was always so cold and really good when she took a thin pat of it and placed it on a vanilla waffer! Oh my gosh! It was heaven! You know what? I have in my pantry right now…vanilla waffers and in my fridge…butter sticks! So who knows? Although we still have ginger snaps already open and I don’t want too many things open at once because something will go stale and I hate that although the stray cat that hangs around doesn’t mind it so much lol.

I made Peace Flags DSCN1559yesterday and today I’m going to work on two commissions…one for a teacher in NY…a 1960s art and events poster to color and a 50 page coloring book order for the second! And I want to quilt some today too!

I got my new glasses yesterday and I love love love them so much!!! Maybe I’ll get Wayne to snap a picture of me today. I hate having my picture made which is weird since I was once a model lol. Oh well, c’est la vie…right? I guess I’m gonna go for now. My coffee is empty and the day is bright and my art is calling! So, y’all take care, have a great and magical Sunday…ours will be walking, cooking, football and art! Try to stop back by tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art~

Secret…sometimes I know things before they happen…is that weird? I’m not psychic though..I don’t think I am…


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  1. joymaxbolick says:

    I love japanese cherry blossom scent! It is wonderful.. Great post!

    1. dawn says:

      Thanks so much commenting!! I know! I love love love that scent!!! Warm Vanilla Sugar runs a close second 🙂 Peace and Hugs!!

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