Having a Very Artsy Saturday :D


Oh my gosh y’all! It’s been a great day! I slept until almost 5am! Took a shower, dressed in my softest baggiest clothes and after the usual morning chores of liter box and laundry and feeding the pets….after this stuff, I practiced Tai Chi and started making art! The Tai Chi awakened all my senses and aligned my meridians and I felt so wonderfully wonderful!! Then the sun began to rise. I saw it when I went to the kitchen for more coffee and I couldn’t resist! I had to stop everything else and practice yoga…the sun salutation. It was just so beautiful! The sky looked like sweet tarts or cotton candy or something sweet like that. I had to honor it somehow and yoga seemed so appropriate and it must have been because it left me feeling euphoric! Later after breakfast and vacuuming and making more art, Wayne and I went for a walk and then we sat in the sunshine on the front porch for a while before I made lunch. After lunch Wayne was perplexed about how to spend the afternoon before his football game came on at 4:30 so we went walking again. When we got back I called to check to see if my glasses had come in and they had!! So I went to change clothes when the phone rang and a automated message was left that my glasses were in! Lol, how’s that for synchronicity! We went to get them and I love love love them!!! I so happy happy happy! Last night we ran to the dollar store for dog food and trash bags and juice powders…orange crush! so good!! zero cals! and I bought glitter crayons, DSCN1581sandpaper, a 24 pack of crayons and a gourmet cotton candy sucker! and dog treats too. Today, the art I’m making…I’m loving! I’m working on peace flags and I may try to work on a quilt after dinner! I’m having the best artsy weekend ever! I hope y’all are having a great one too!! My oven has preheated for dinner…BBQ salad with onion rings and hushpuppies for Wayne, a beef and provolone tortilla wrap and fries for Sky and a veggie burger with side salad with mixed veggies and maybe a sweet potato for me. Later…popcorn and more art since Wayne will be watching back to back playoff games. Life is so good…don’t cha think? Try to stop by the barefoot home again tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art ~


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