Comfort Food, Making Art and Oh my gosh! It’s 7 degrees outside!! Windchill of 1!!


Baby, it’s cold outside!!! A great morning for staying under the patchwork quilts but Mr. Coffee summoned me lol. Coffee will get me up every time! Today I will listen to these thriving artist summit lectures and make homemade veggie soup for me and oyster stew for Wayne and the kids. Or maybe just one big pot of veggie soup for us all. I’ll check when they all get up. I may even make a loaf of bread if they want soup. Oh my gosh, homemade soup and bread on a day when it’s not coming out of the twenties…doesn’t that sound just perfect? It does to me! Coffee all day long with some art and I have chores to do too. Ireally really really need to dust and clean the bathroom and well, that’s about it for today. It’s doable especially if I don’t get hung up on Facebook which I didn’t yesterday. Yesterday I got three coloring books reading for shipping along with freebies and mailed it off and listened to three lectures and took tons of notes! I’m actually listening to one right now and taking notes too! I’ve finished another little mini peace flag for kitchens but I think I’m gonna make this series of kitchen flags into art quilts and make a little kitchencurtain

Homemade yeast bread...Nona's recipe I figured out by myself!! Happy Bread!!
Homemade yeast bread…Nona’s recipe I figured out by myself!! Happy Bread!!


from them and list for sale in my etsy shop. I’m loving them! I had an aha! moment this morning for art for my agent too and I really need and want to work on that while it’s fresh!! So, I’ll probably cut this morning’s blog a little short like me, I’m short lol. Gosh, I hope Wayne will take Molly out this morning for me…it’s like 7 degrees out here! I love love love country living! It’s 7:20 am right now, I’ve been up since 4:30am (on my second pot of coffee…Buttery Caramel), and the sun is just now peeking up over the trees! I wish we would get a ton of snow! I love love love snow! I may need a second pair of socks today! There’s no way I’m walking this morning!! I’ll just do my chores instead. Maybe I’ll venture out this afternoon for a walk…or…maybe not lol. Maybe it’ll be an early fleecy warm comfy cozy pajama day with chenille socks and a ponytail and warm comfort foods. But for now I’m gonna get at the day and art and coffee! So y’all stay comfy cozy and stop by again tomorrow! Peace Love Art ~


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  1. Kelly says:

    It is even a soup day here in FL.
    I’m making chicken corn noodle soup, a PA Dutch favorite, and I have a lovely fresh baguette from Publix.
    Stay warm!
    It is 1 degree in my hometown in PA.

    1. dawn says:

      Oh my goodness!! It’s been so cold!! I love love love it!! and soup and bread!! and you!!!

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