The Twelve Days After Christmas…already?! A Grocery List and Random Stuff…


On the First Day After Christmas…the boys got haircuts

On the Second Day After Christmas we had Christmas at my Mom’s

On the Third Day After Christmas we had Christmas at Wayne’s mom’s

On the Fourth Day After Christmas we gave Molly a home (Molly’s a chocolate Lab puppy who was going to be abandoned!) and I got my eyes examined and ordered glasses

On the Fifth Day After Christmas I made gifts for my Facebook sisters

On the Sixth Day After Christmas…I cooked sticky rice and Chinese food for lunch and began organizing my studio for the new year!

On the Seventh Day After Christmas…I cooked the Lucky Lunch and made bean sauce!

On the Eight Day After Christmas…I  picked up books from the library and mailed off art

On the Ninth Day After Christmas…they took down the Christmas Tree and undecked the halls while I made crispy fried Chicken, home made potato salad, corn on the cob and rose and baked yeast rolls.

On the Tenth Day After Christmas…I will did indeed make art all day long! I also took a nap and made peanut brittle and walked Molly and got a great massage from Wayne! It was a rainy day, really beautiful and just perfect for coffee and ginger snap cookies…it was a ginger snap cookie kind of day!

On the Eleventh Day After Christmas…we went to my favorite town…Davidson, to pay the electric bill and I package art to ship out today! And started drawing a new panel for my big big big art quilt and worked on some mini quilts for a kitchen valence.

On the Twelfth Day After Christmas…(today! already?! gosh!) We’re having an early breakfast and running a few errands…tag office…post office, Walmart for cat food and glitter crayons….Food Lion for….


olive oil and butter spray

Italian grinder



mozzarella cheese

2 cartons of half and half… which would make whole right! lol



sweet baby rays

chicken and beef

coffee and creamer

yogurt covered raisins

fries and

honey wheat bread

I’m not a cheese person. I don’t usually like it even on my pizza but today for some reason I’m wanting pimento cheese or cottage cheese…so maybe I’ll check into them at the market today as well. If I got pimento cheese I know Rainy and Wayne would eat it too so I’ll probably go with that. I’ve never ate cottage cheese…ever…so I don’t know why I’d be thinking of it now….must need the calcium since menopause seems to be knock knock knocking at my door. I should listen to my body. If it’s craving cheese then I’ll give it some cheese either pimento or cottage or both what the heck? Unless it’s really expensive then I’ll choose one or the other and probably go with the one I know they’ll eat too. Wow, I bet you’ve never read a blog about pimento or cottage cheese lol.

Today, today I will begin my Italian lessons again and attend the second Thriving Artist Summit and make art and cook pasta bake with garlic bread and salads and walk and love every single minute of the day and probably get sleepy early around ten or so…since I got up at 4am…again.

I like my hair today. It’s long and loose and wavy since it’s been in a side braid for two days. I wish it could be like this all the time but I don’t think I would want a perm. So, I’ll just stick with braids. Summer’s coming back around and who knows how I’ll wear my long hair this year! Last summer it stayed braided all season. I don’t think I’ll cut it though.

Ok, so this is getting really random and I know you have your own random things and thoughts and musings to get at so I’ll stop for now… but before I go a couple more things…I have been keeping up with my aceo art challenge! I just need to scan them ’cause I have done them!! And my peanut brittle…

a random picture for a random blog...I really like the quilt for a table cloth! I did that once with my Nona's patchwork quilt!!
a random picture for a random blog…I really like the quilt for a table cloth! I did that once with my Nona’s patchwork quilt!!

I made Sunday…I redid yesterday before breakfast and oh my gosh! it turned out so so so good!!!

Ok, so, y’all have a great day and try to stop by again tomorrow!! peace Love art ~


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