A Ginger Snap Cookie Kind Of Day, Followed By Cosmo’s Moon, Gotta Go To The Market For… and What’s For Dinner This Week!


On the First Day After Christmas…the boys got haircuts

On the Second Day After Christmas we had Christmas at my Mom’s

On the Third Day After Christmas we had Christmas at Wayne’s mom’s

On the Fourth Day After Christmas we gave Molly a home (Molly’s a chocolate Lab puppy who was going to be abandoned!) and I got my eyes examined and ordered glasses

On the Fifth Day After Christmas I made gifts for my Facebook sisters

On the Sixth Day After Christmas…I cooked sticky rice and Chinese food for lunch and began organizing my studio for the new year!

On the Seventh Day After Christmas…I cooked the Lucky Lunch and made bean sauce!

On the Eight Day After Christmas…I  picked up books from the library and mailed off art

On the Ninth Day After Christmas…they took down the Christmas Tree and undecked the halls while I made crispy fried Chicken, home made potato salad, corn on the cob and rose and baked yeast rolls.

On the Tenth Day After Christmas…I will did indeed make art all day long! I also took a nap and made peanut brittle and walked Molly and got a great massage from Wayne! It was a rainy day, really beautiful and just perfect for coffee and ginger snap cookies…it was a ginger snap cookie kind of day!

On the Eleventh Day After Christmas…(today) we’ll go pay the electric bill and possibly mail off art I sold yesterday but isn’t scheduled to ship until tomorrow so I may not rush to get it together this morning and when I do I’ll also stop by the market for

coffee…Buttery Caramel!

yogurt covered raisins

fig newtons 





parmesan cheese

chocolate covered pretzels


2 cartons of half and half for oyster stew this week

Just thought…I want to mail Sara’s package tomorrow so I’ll be making the post office trek tomorrow and going by the store too….so only the electric today…more time for coffee and art and walking…so yay!

My menus so far for this week are…

Sunday (yesterday)

grilled steaks with fries and salad and extra sharp cheddar cheese wedges

Monday (today)

I’ll doctor Rainy’s Chinese take out from last night when she ate with her bf and probably put another egg roll with it

Wayne will have the last of his kielbasa sautéed with peppers and onions and served with romein noodles

Sky can have the last steak with fries and a salad and

I’ll have a veggie burger with a side salad and sweet potato wedges and onion rings!

(maybe breakfast for dinner)


Pasta Bake with garlic bread and salads and roasted eggplant and sweet potato wedges

(left overs for dinner)


Oyster Stew with crackers

(left overs for dinner)


Chinese Food with sticky rice and egg rolls

depends if there are left overs otherwise black forest ham sandwiches or maybe homemade hot pockets and potato wedges

Friday I’ll go back to the food store with new menus.

Yesterday, I finished another panel for my big big big peace flag/quilt that I may enter in the fall fair! I also made the first in a series of kitchen mini flags that I’ll quilt today. I love love love quilting now!! I always knew I would! Ooh, today I’ll take pics of my studio since it’s redo on Saturday! For now, my laundry is ready for the dryer and I’m ready for more coffee and to make some art. I slept well past four am today! It’s already 6:38 am but I feel good about the time. It’s not going to get away from me today just like it didn’t get away from me yesterday! I wonder if my glasses will come in this week? Today starts the Thriving Artist Summit I’m signed up for too!!! I’m so excited! 2015 is the year I come into my own!! I just know it and now Wayne is on board with my art too and together there’s nothing we can’t accomplish!

I hope y’all have a great day!! A brand new week in a brand new year!! Did y’all see Cosmo’s moon this morning? It was huge out here in my neck of the woods! Really magical! I had to talk to the man on the moon, you know I did! Meet me back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~DSCN1532


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