Undecking the Halls, Getting Organized, and a Personal Art Challenge!


On the First Day After Christmas…the boys got haircuts

On the Second Day After Christmas we had Christmas at my Mom’s

On the Third Day After Christmas we had Christmas at Wayne’s mom’s

On the Fourth Day After Christmas we gave Molly a home (Molly’s a chocolate Lab puppy who was going to be abandoned!) and I got my eyes examined and ordered glasses

On the Fifth Day After Christmas I made gifts for my Facebook sisters

On the Sixth Day After Christmas…I cooked sticky rice and Chinese food for lunch and began organizing my studio for the new year!

On the Seventh Day After Christmas…I cooked the Lucky Lunch and made bean sauce!

On the Eight Day After Christmas…I  picked up books from the library and mailed off art

On the Ninth Day After Christmas…they took down the Christmas Tree and undecked the halls while I made crispy fried Chicken, home made potato salad, corn on the cob and rose and baked yeast rolls.

On the Tenth Day After Christmas…I will make art all day long…quilting, painting, making aceos and posters and mandalas and greeting cards and calendar art and scratchboard and weave something and work on art for a mini quilted meditation deck and write a zine and ok…probably not all of that will get done but I will accomplish something artsy!

Yesterday, after a late lunch and after cleaning up the kitchen, I tackled my studio which is totally open since the tree isn’t blocking the bay window any more and just makes the living room seem even bigger and loftier! I rearranged it (my studio) a bit for my new printer to come in and finished organizing it. I couldn’t believe it but there was more stuff to put in place. I had alphabet stamps under my sewing table and a weaving loom too. And decorative edge scissors for cutting paper under the same table but all is organized now! I can make zines and bind them and cut paper and do decorative edges and everything! I can sew and quilt and write and cut cloth and weave and paint and draw and make coloring books and after Wayne installs the computer he’ll make the prints and coffee table books and posters and greeting cards and calendars and hey! maybe bumper stickers too! My Peace Flags are calling to me this morning and so is a felt art quilt. I’m so ready to spend an entire day making art. I haven’t had a chance in a week to really loose myself in my art. By the time I’m done with the nighttime chores I’m too sleepy and during the day I’ve been running errands or cleaning up or cooking or something inevitably takes precedence over what I need to be doing and it shouldn’t because what I should be doing is making art, of course! I still need to tackle the closet and redecorate the mantle but I did organize my skinny little shabby chic wardrobe that holds my sweaters and jeans last night so that’s done! I just feel safe and cozy when I know my house is clean and organized…can’t wait to get the laundry room done!

So, you know how I blogged each and every day last year and I totally intend to try to do it again this year…well, I think I’ll make a aceo card for each and every day this year and sell them in a pack at the end of the year! I can get a box and paint it and keep the originals in it and make it an event! Yeah!! This feels right! I’ll start today! I already have been drawing them so I’ll do today’s and yesterday’s and I’ll be caught up for the year! Rainy, my kid, is doing a book challenge and a photo a day challenge so I’m going to get on board with my own challenges and maybe I can give away a set of aceos at the end of each month and maybe I’ll set a goal to submit my art to a magazine once a month too! It’s good to challenge yourself I think, it helps to propel me forward and I’m manifesting man! Totally manifesting! Staying on a positive vibration and why not…since life is freaking awesome anyway!!! Life is the Best!!! I love love love it!!! So, I’m going to go get at it! Art! Here I come!!! It’s going to be a wonderfully artsy day!!! At some point I’m going to make those mints too!! Y’all have a great day, fill it with Love and Peace, fill it with things that bring comfort and coziness to your life, fill it with good thoughts and words and remember this is the only Jan. 4th 2015 we’ll ever ever ever have so make it as good as possible! I love y’all and I hope you can come on back over to the barefoot home tomorrow! I’ll have coffee! Peace Love Art ~hippie chick on cloth peace flag


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