The Twelve Days After Christmas, What The World Needs Now and The 70’s


I have a vague memory from childhood of my mom having in her possession a kitsch chicken that laid eggs. I wonder if this is real or something my mind is making up. I’m going to google it…I’ll be right back…Sorry got distracted by Pinterest. I saw a picture I loved! ddd04b249fd8464070e5bd37666ed9e5 But, I couldn’t find what I was looking for…I did see stuff that sparked other memories! I always wanted an egg chair!! SONY DSCI had a bean bag chair, a pink one 221130-3_21470d97-31c0-4018-8f77-10f5927520a0_largeand my sister had one too in yellow. Never did own an egg chair….yet. I always wanted a round phone too! il_340x270.588798869_9dy0One of these days I’m gonna find that chicken at a flea market and buy it and a round phone too! I love love love vintage phones, you know, the rotary dial ones. I have several and keep them out. I have a red phone that we call the Bat Man phone, it hangs on the wall. Recently the phone repair man had to come out because of crappy internet and staticky phone lines…he sat down at my computer table to check the internet and picked up my vintage pink phone

My computer table tonight
My computer table tonight…see the pink phone 😀

and I had to tell him it wasn’t hooked up. So, he got up and went to the one hanging on the wall, the Bat Man phone, which also isn’t hooked up lol. He was so funny, he looked so confused! And I had to tell him the clock wasn’t set right either since we refused for a while there to comply with the time change lol. I guess out here in bohemian country we make our own rules for living lol. I told Wayne as we’re developing our brand this year…it’s easy because we’re not just products…this or that or the other…we’re a lifestyle, it’s our lifestyle and it’s all about comfort…in pillows, linens, food, art, life, living…simple…living comfy cozy…living free. Not worrying about the Joneses or keeping up appearances or anything just living, loving, cooking, making art, enjoying life and each other and animals. Acknowledging the sunrise and sunset

Country Fog Bank
Country Fog Bank

and all the little moments in between. The taste of cold butter on crunchy vanilla wafers and the scent of hot coffee brewing and bacon sizzling in the iron skillet. The feel of fleece pjs and wooly socks and Molly’s soft soft soft coat. It’s pound cake 100_3681.jpgand homemade cookies for afternoon tea and bean sauces and cooked cabbage and ice cream at midnight. It’s love notes written in on the grocery list and holding hands while driving down the road running errands. It’s playing and making music on acoustic guitars and tambourines and xylophones and drums and hopefully…soon…keyboards…I really want to tackle keyboards again. It’s stacks of books and learning Italian for someday…just in case and anyway it’s fun. It’s clean towels and hot from the dryer clothes piled high waiting to be folded as Zoey sits on top like she’s just climbed Mount Everest. It’s life…simple, easy, bohemian, country with a laid back tie dyed appeal Fly Your Freak Flag Highall our own and we like it and want to share it with the world…cause what the world needs now is Love and Healing and to get Priorities in order. Ok, friends, I hope y’all have a great day! And I hope hope hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow…Peace Love Art

On the First Day After Christmas…the boys got haircuts

On the Second Day After Christmas we had Christmas at my Mom’s

On the Third Day After Christmas we had Christmas at Wayne’s mom’s

On the Fourth Day After Christmas we gave Molly a home (Molly’s a chocolate Lab puppy who was going to be abandoned!) and I got my eyes examined and ordered glasses

On the Fifth Day After Christmas I made gifts for my Facebook sisters

On the Sixth Day After Christmas…I cooked sticky rice and Chinese food for lunch and began organizing my studio for the new year!

On the Seventh Day After Christmas…I cooked the Lucky Lunch and made bean sauce!

On the Eight Day After Christmas…I hope to pick up books from the library and mail off art


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