Making Art, Making Bread, Making Music, Making My Good Bohemian Life Even Better in 2015! I’m so excited!!! Aren’t you?


Maybe two days in a row was a little too much to expect from the theory although in essence it did help keep me on point at some points lol. Ok, so I listened to my Muse rather than my plan. It just felt right after fighting against it off and on there for a while.

I did cook three meals and

do the dishes and

the laundry and

my chores and

walked and

put some great books on hold at the library and

made sticky rice and Chinese food for lunch and

attempted to recap memories from 2014 with my family but they seemed…less interested so that didn’t last long and we watched Chopped on Netflix instead while we ate lunch with chopsticks…we like eating with chopsticks, well, Rainy and I like eating with chopsticks Sky and Wayne stick to forks.

I feel like watching Robin Hood with Kevin Costner…I know that’s off topic here but I just really do want to see it. It came out the same time Wayne and I were falling in love all those years ago and I can’t help but think of it every time I watch that movie! Ahhh…nostalgia…back on topic now…

we didn’t make a list but we did talk about what we want to manifest in 2015 a little bit anyways and

I didn’t work on hippie stashes for January because my Muse told me not to. Opting instead for more art quilts and maybe even a kitchen themed tarot card deck! They’re not evil you know. And maybe mine would be more like a meditation deck anyway…the Muse and I are still hatching this creative project…

I didn’t work on a mini felt art quit or my Italian lessons but

I did lay down some sweet tunes with Wayne…him playing the acoustic guitar and me with my xylophone and that was so much fun!

I didn’t sit down on the sofa in my studio with a magazine but I did explore Molas some more so that was good and productive too since it propelled me to begin one made from paper and of course, putting my own spin on it even now I have another element to add to it! It’s ok since it’s an experimental work in progress.

Man I’m so hungry this morning! I may need a little something warm and comforting to tied me over until breakfast maybe a small slice of my home made bread to go with my coffee…hmmm…

I didn’t package up my Facebook sister’s gifts but I’m going to the post office tomorrow and I’ll have them ready to go by then…

I did ring in the new year and

work on my new panel for the big big big art quilt!

And I did drink lots of coffee!! That was easy!

You know what I did do though….

I blogged every single day in 2014!!!

A tie dye kind of life
A tie dye kind of life

I organized my studio! Now I have working stations!!! It’s so cool!!

My sewing table…

my paper/zine making table…

my drawing table (still needs the drawers gone through and organized…maybe today! and little bags of “stuff” art stuff that needs homes where I can see it so I know I have it and can use it! That’s a task for this morning I think and

then working on my panel and

the mola I started yesterday and

hopefully a felt art quilt today too!!

When I go with the Muse it all just feels so much better…when will I learn not to fight her?

I still have a little time for art or organizing before my family starts to get up for breakfast…cinnamon buns and homemade bread toast for Rainy and Michael (he stayed over last night New Year’s Eve and all)…eggs and bacon and cereal and toast for Sky….Egg over easy and cinnamon buns and toast and livermush for Wayne and egg white omelet of jalapeno peppers and mushrooms with sirarcha oatmeal and half a pita toasted in the iron skillet for me! Or I may opt for a big ole pile of warm buttery syprupy pancakes!! We’ll have to wait to see.

I’m making the Lucky Lunch today….my beans have been soaking overnight so they’ll be ready this morning to go on the heat and begin the slow cooking. They’ll be served with steamed cabbage…yummy! and fried potatoes and bread and kielbasa too and chunks of extra sharp cheddar on the side.

I finished up my homemade veggie soup last night and now I want more more more!!! It got much better just sitting around in the fridge for a couple of days! I need to get my recipes together for next weeks meals too. I foresee soup and beef stew and chicken dumplings in the near future I think.

If I make pancakes for breakfast then I can make the cinnamon buns for desert after the lucky lunch not breakfast lol or monkey bread!! I bet they would love some monkey bread! So many tasty choices!! What to pick? Oh my goodness! I forgot! I got some cookbooks from Wayne’s mom for Christmas! I need to look through them too for next weeks meals and maybe even breakfast ideas!!

I love love love to cook and quilt and make art! I love walking and manifesting and drinking coffee and watching the sun rise and set again. I think I’ll make it a habit to stop everything when the sun begins to set and just spend those moments in awe of the beauty all around when you take time to see it…really see it…like the chocolate lab puppy on the frosty ground running and playing and being so free and young and the owl in the tree knowing so much but revealing little. Like the eyes of the old person down the road who has seen so much, been around for so many life altering events and carries so many memories but no one asks them about them any more and we should you know? Stories need to be told, times relived,,, the past is important too. Of course, we should live in the NOW but the past will show us what’s going to be important to us in the future and help us with the now…the today…random thought…

I’m going to go now since my coffee bowl is empty and I’m so so so hungry and I want to organize or make some art or something before breakfast. Y’all take care and enjoy your very first day of the new year!!! It’s gonna be great!!!! Try to meet me back here tomorrow as I begin another whole year’s worth of simple comfy cozy country bohemian hippie life at the barefoot home where there’s lots of Peace Love Art ~ and you’re always more than welcome! I’ll have coffee!! 🙂 Peace and Hugs today and all year long!!!!


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