The Theory Worked! I Think It Really Did! Wow!

5:30 am
5:30 am

On the First Day After Christmas…the boys got haircuts

On the Second Day After Christmas we had Christmas at my Mom’s

On the Third Day After Christmas we had Christmas at Wayne’s mom’s

On the Fourth Day After Christmas we gave Molly a home (Molly’s a chocolate Lab puppy who was going to be abandoned!)

On the Fifth Day After Christmas I made gifts for my Facebook sisters

On the Sixth Day After Christmas…well, we’ll have to wait to see…I forecast sticky rice and Chinese food for lunch though and getting ready to tomorrow’s Lucky Meal…cabbage and beans and potatoes and bread and maybe kielbasa?

Yesterday I used a theory I heard about on YouTube where you say out loud how your day is going to go and then you’ll make it happen so let me look back and see how that went…

Rainy renewed my books which are on her card but I don’t have her card info so I couldn’t put any more on hold-I will today though! If she’ll let me.

I did cook three times plus snacks and did dishes every time

Only walked once but did walk all around the market since we needed a few groceries…

I blogged and checked in on my etsy shop regularly and Facebooked just a little and did that computer stuff

I printed the art journal/coloring books while listening and sometimes watching my soap online..I also got them bound and put some extra hippie goodies with them too! I put together four bundles total!

I finished the drawing on cloth from the night before and started adding a color resist to it too…before I stopped so Wayne could give me a foot massage 🙂

I didn’t work on aceos or the girl print but I did work on coffee throw rugs which I renamed Coffee always Welcome Mats!

Nobody would play Chinese Checkers with me and I abandoned the puzzle idea ’cause I got sleepy

I did get face cleanser from the dollar store though

I walked Molly and petted our menagerie off and on all day long and of course, I drank coffee!!! So…

It looks like the theory has merit!  I think I’ll try it again today…here goes and if you don’t want to stick around for my list I understand but I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow!! Okay….

i’m going to get the computer stuff out of the way first off and

put my laundry in the dryer, dry it, fold it, put it away and

cook and do dishes three times and

get my sticky rice soaking for lunch and

walk twice and

recap with my family all the fun times, the memories made, the things accomplished in 2014 and

make a list of the things I’d love to see manifest in 2015! and

package up the gifts and address them and

put some books on hold and drink coffee! and

work on January’s hippie stash for etsy and

make a folk art mini quilt for etsy and

work on my new panel for the great big quilt and

explore molas…I can see them influencing me a great deal!! They really really really speak to my heart and soul and that’s so important when making art ’cause it shows through!

I’ve already cleaned the bathroom (even the floor) this morning so that’s done but I need to vacuum and dust too and

I need to listen to music and maybe play my xylophone at some point…hey I spelled xylophone right the first time!!! and

I need to start back on my Italian lessons too and take ten minutes to sit on my studio’s sofa with coffee and look at a magazine and

ring in the New Year!

I’d like to bake something but I think I’ll make a pumpkin pie tomorrow morning so I’ll just hold off on that. I will without a doubt enjoy my day because I love love love the country. I love wrapping a scarf around my neck and donning a hat and sweater and my coffee to go mug and walking everyday as the skies turn steely gray and red birds stand out in stark contrast on bare tree limbs and donkeys bray and horses come to the fence to be petted and talked too (they are great listeners but owls are the best). I love simple living where the days are peaceful and comfort is more important than style and love reigns supreme! I love knowing there’s fresh bread waiting in the kitchen and crayons on the table and coffee in the pot. I love love love Life! and my Family! and Art! and Y’all!

I’m off to get going on the rest of the computer stuff since my coffee bowl is empty and I wont be able to stand that for long! Y’all have a great day….for those who have joined me this year I thank you so much I know it’s been a random hippie road trip but I blogged about it every single day this year!! Quite the accomplishment I think lol. And I’ll do it all again next year too! I love having coffee with y’all every morning or sometimes the afternoon and even late in the evening or … well, you know…I’ll be here…and I hope you’ll stop by the barefoot home for Peace Love Art in 2015! Happy New Year Beautiful People!!!!!


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