Homemade Soup and Bread and Art Quilts…Keeping Comfy Cozy in the Country…Life is Good


First off here’s Molly….


I did spend part of the beautiful off and on rainy day in my studio on the sofa working on Sara’s Christmas Art Quilt. I also made homemade soups one with veggie stock and one with beef stock and two loaves of my bread. DSCN1529

Half way through first rise!! It turned out beautiful!! So good!!
Half way through first rise!! It turned out beautiful!! So good!!

And…I got my eyes examined…first time in almost twenty years! I got the exam and two pairs of glasses for 70.00. I hated spending the money but it’s a good deal. I’ll get my glasses in two weeks. So yay! I’ll start the year off with good vision! Wonder what that will be like lol. I like the way I see things now but that’s just my world and not really a vision thing so much as a visionary thing anyhow. Last night I started drawing a new panel for my big big big art quilt I’m working on piece by piece. Today I want to work on that and put together January’s hippie stash pouch and get some stuff ready for my Facebook sisters. It looks like today will be a busy artsy day if I stay on track and focused! Hopefully…I will. I will try anyhow. I heard somewhere if you say out loud in the morning how your day is going to play out then that’s how it will play out so I’m gonna say it out loud and type it too and we’ll see if this theory works…here’s my day today, Tuesday the 30th…

at some point I need to renew books online and put some on hold* I will cook three times today and do the dishes as usual * I will walk after breakfast and lunch if the weather permits * I will write this blog and then check the tv listings for tonight and my emails and etsy shop and Facebook and weather all the while drinking coffee * I will print some art journal/coloring book pages after the computer stuff while watching or listening to rather my soap online * I’ll bind the journals and finish the drawing from last night * I’ll draw aceos and work on a new girl print and weave a little coffee throw rug or try a sewn/quilted technique for one * I’ll play Chinese Checkers with Sky and work a jigsaw puzzle tonight at the kitchen island while watching tv and spend little moments in between petting our menagerie and running to the dollar store for face cleanser.

So, there you have it off the top of my head how to spend the day…we’ll see. For now, I have to tend to Piper who is tearing up my stuff like crazy! Plus I need coffee!!!

Y’all try to stop by tomorrow ok? See how the theory played out? Peace Love Art ~


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