On The Fourth Day After Christmas….


We have a new addition to our family. Good golly meet Miss Molly! She’s the chocolate lab from the other day. We couldn’t stand the thought of her being abandoned. She’s so sweet and young and all dogs need homes! And we have this comfy loving home in the country to share and a great big fenced in yard and Thor needs a wife…and…guess what?! She loves cats. Bijou doesn’t love her but Bijou is brave and stands her ground and is teaching Molly the pecking order around here lol. Piper just gets up high and watches everything. She’s not housebroke so we’ll be working on that but she seems really smart. Thor loves her! He played with her like I’ve never ever seen him play before! I think he was wore slap out! She is the absolute softest dog I have ever ever ever touched! Soft as my new pajamas Wayne gave me for Christmas. I’m not sure what all in store for today but yesterday was fun. I made four loaves of bread. One for his brothers and their wives, one for his mom, one for us. I love love love my homemade bread and I hope they do too! We had Christmas at Wayne’s mom’s house and it was so much fun!! She gave me some clothes that sadly turned out to be too small for me but she also gave me markers and crayons and Sharpies!!!! Yay Sharpies and Bics too! She was the only  one to give to me art supplies! I hope my adorable nieces liked their stashes! I really tried to personalize them and I think the world of those girls and just really really really wanted to do something special for them. Today I should be able to finish up Sara’s Christmas quilt and get her package off next week along with a couple others. Wayne is going to start helping me with my art. He’s going to handle photographing and printing and contacting shops to carry my posters and do some framing as well and we are even going to check into doing some festivals and stuff too! Look out 2015! You’re so gonna be artsy and successful and fun fun fun! Oh my gosh, last night after a late dinner I settled into my overstuffed chair that becomes my nesting spot because there’s enough room for me, my iPad, my quilting stuff, magazines and popcorn and even a cat. I had the very best of intentions to quilt on Sara’s quilt but oh my gosh I told Wayne I’ve got to close my eyes for ten minutes. I woke up thirty minutes later to a crash in my studio, checked on it and went back to my nest to sleep with intentions to get up around ten for popcorn but when I woke up again it was going on 11:30 so I just went to bed where I slept until 5:15am and I am always up by 4 am! So I guess I just really needed some sleep since I rarely do…sleep that is. I feel pretty good, on my second cup of coffee, ok, so it’s pretty much empty and my laundry is done washing and needs the dryer. It’s pouring down rain and Molly and I have already been out in it. Today would be a great day to make soup and work on my  quilt and just spend the whole thing on the sofa in my studio but you know me and plans so we’ll have to wait to see how exactly the day turns out, the day that I’m going to go get at right now. So, y’all take it easy today ok. And try to stop by the barefoot home tomorrow. Peace Love Art ~


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  1. dawn says:

    Picture of Molly to come later…Wordpress took too long loading!!

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