On The Third Day After Christmas…

finding Peace
finding Peace

So, to recap…On the First Day After Christmas…my boys got haircuts (not very good ones)

On the Second Day After Christmas….we went to a Christmas party at my mom’s and it was so so so much fun!

After the party we stopped by the market and picked up a few important and needed items such as lettuce and pickles and pita and jello and olive oil spray along with bacon and livermush too. Then we came home, had a late lunch and cleaned the bathroom and folded laundry and went for a walk…me and Wayne hand in hand and Sky came too! It was nice. The day was turning chilly and the sky was so pretty. We spent the evening with Wayne spinning vinyl and chillin’ to groups like The Marshall Tucker Band and Peter Frampton and Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd. Oh my gosh it was so great. We drank coffee and I made art and the evening slipped into night before we knew what happened. So, we had a late dinner and I finished up the girl’s (my niece’s Christmas stashes) while snacking on popcorn and  watching a really good movie on Netflix staring Keri Russell called Dark Skies…I highly recommend it!! Even Wayne liked it!

And here we are on the Third Day After Christmas…which we will be spent in part at his mom’s for Christmas!

It’s Christmas everyday!! This is so much fun!! I love love love Christmas after Christmas I wish it could be like this every year!!

So, I don’t think we’re going to take on the Chocolate Lab after all. It’s bigger than what Wayne thought and he’s concerned about how it would get along with our kittens, well, Rainy and Michael’s kittens that live here plus there’s Bijou and Piper too. So, we’re waiting on a younger puppy and hopefully a German Shepard. After today’s festivities I’ll be able to finish Sara’s quilt and put together her a little stash and stashes for some of my facebook sisters too. I’m excited to do that! They’ll have Christmas surprises coming after Christmas too! Just like Santa’s elves, I’m working all year long to make Christmas happy happy happy.

It’s still dark out but judging from the faint sounds I think it’s raining. I love love love rainy days. They so inspire me to cook and bake and make art. I absolutely love living in the country where I can enjoy Nature and easy simple living. Where chickens roam free and wild turkeys too. Where the donkeys bray and the roosters crow and the red birds fill my favorite tree…bright spots on bare tree limbs. I love curling up in my window seat with Country Living magazine and daydreaming about the acres and acres and acres of land we’ll have someday. I totally believe we manifest what we dwell on!

Hey, want to hear something interesting?! In fourth grade I played Betsy Ross in a classroom skit. I sat there pretending to sew the flag and now….I make Peace Flags! How cool is that?!

Ok, so, there’s a few loose ends I need to wrap up so we can put together these stashes for the girls so I’m off to do that as soon as I refill my coffee and find something to watch on You Tube…I wonder if they have Caroline In The City… I loved that show…I used to be a cartoonist too! That was fun! Maybe I should put together a book of my cartoon strips and maybe revive it? Sell it in my etsy shop…there’s something to think about! Y’all take care and try to stop by the barefoot home tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art ~


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