The Twelve Days After Christmas and A Memory…


Christmas keeps on Christmasing around here. Instead of the 12 days before Christmas we’re having the 12 days After Christmas apparently lol. Yesterday the first day after Christmas was good. I knitted and put together some stuff for gifts and wDSCN1497e went out for haircuts for Wayne and Sky much to my dismay they like their hair shorter. Although Wayne’s is way way way shorter than he hoped and the stylist didn’t blend the top in with the rest of the shortness so his bangs are short like Moe on the Three Stooges but needs to be shorter and spikey to go with the rest of the nearly buzz cut look that this chick did with scissors! Sky’s hair looks barely touched and he’s happy. This morning, the second day after Christmas, is my mom’s get together which normally happens on Christmas Eve night but she had a sinus infection and postponed it until this morning. I like the morning get together so much better! I think it’ll be fun! We’ll go over for an hour or so and then have the rest of the day! Tomorrow, the 3rd day after Christmas,  is Wayne’s mom’s Christmas and she usually has hers on the Saturday before Christmas but postponed it since one of her many grandchildren had to work…the festivities just keep coming don’t they? I wish her’s was in the morning too….I can’t wait to give my beautiful nieces their stashes!

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but we may be taking on another dog. I’ve always always always wanted a chocolate lab and Wayne’s brother’s son has a puppy, a female, he needs to give away and it just may have my name written on it lol. We went yesterday to get it but Alan wasn’t home sadly. So, I hope he still has it although housebreaking another dog doesn’t thrill me at all I’ve done it every time and I can do it again. Already I’m trying to think of names but what if he’s already turned it in at the pound?! That would be so awful!! I wonder if he could go get it back? When I was a kid the pound in Albemarle was just really sad. The dogs had open front cages that were exposed to the outdoors and you could drive around back and see them and I remember one cold rainy day out with my mom running errands. She had taken me by the Donut Dinette for a tasty treat and sitting in the back seat of her ’57 Buick and leaning forward over the red and white seats I asked if we could ride by the pound…it wasn’t referred to as the Human Society back then…so she took me by and we got out in the cold drizzle since the steady rains had slacked off just a bit. We still saw our breath and the puppies breath too as they cried or begged for attention. It just really breaks my heart now to think of it. Oh my gosh. Of course, that was the same day some stranger followed us home!! That was scary, luckily my Paw-Paw couldn’t paint because of the rain so he was home and I ran to get him for my mom. Whew! Took the treat right out of that doughnut! But Paw-Paw came out with his rifle and the stranger danger left quickly and we went safe and sound in Nona’s warm house with aromas steaming from the pots and pans on the stove and the fire on the hearth and it all made life right again…but not for those poor dogs…Maybe that’s why or partly why keeping life and home comfy and cozy is so important to me. I need it…the warmth, the nooks for reading and drinking coffee with stacks of books or magazines piled high waiting for stolen moments to get lost in pictures and stories. I need something quilted or fleecey nearby not so much so I can cover up but so I know I can if I want to and if it’s homemade that’s even better! I need to see those yarn balls and lit candles and napping kitties. I want the never-ending bottomless coffee pot. I want to bake homemade cookies just like June Cleaver and I don’t think I’m setting feminism back 50 years in feeling this way. It’s just my way, my little simple bohemian country life of flowing billowing curtains and gypsy skirts and turquoise jewelry…tai chi and yoga and meditation, cooking from scratch as much as I can, making art and quilting and drawing coloring books and calendars and soon I’ll be making coffee table books of my art and blog excerpts! Really excited about that! I need to see the beds made and curtains open and smell incense burning. I want the rain and the snow to fall while I daydream on the window seat and manifest all kinds of wonderful things! You become what you dwell on you know. And I dwell on simple, easy, comfy cozy, artsy, bohemian, country living with my family and our menagerie and almost grown kids, our gardens and love, and dreams and plans and of course, art! Art factors into everything! Art is my essence…it’s my heart and soul and every breath I take. I wouldn’t know what to do, how to live without it, I need it like oxygen, like I need the twinkle lights and whimsical moments and great big out of the blue hugs. I love love love Life and I just want everyone around me to love it too and I’ll do whatever I can to help that happen. Any I love all y’all too! I really really really do! But for now I’ve got to get at this little Life of mine…coffee cup is empty and that’s just sad, y’all know I drink my weight in coffee everyday lol, and my laundry is ready for the dryer too…so…try to stop by the barefoot home tomorrow ok…Have a great comfy cozy Saturday, make a memory, hug your hippie, hug your pet, hug a tree, hug yourself! Peace Love Art ~


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