The Sweet Scents of Christmas


Fourteen years ago today I was up really really really early. I was in labor with my son Sky. This morning I was up just as early baking his Birthday Cake!DSCN1463 I did it! And it looks really great if I do say so myself. I have also made a loaf of bread for my friend Traci and her mom…they live just across the street and over one place. So, we’ll deliver that in a bit. It’s pouring down rain and so beautiful. Today we’ll go to my mom’s to open gifts and Wayne is cooking the turkey today. Turkey sandwiches today and tomorrow I’ll make Christmas lunch, the whole great big meal a sequel to Thanksgiving! Between the Buttery Caramel Coffee and all the sweet scents of chewy chocolate brownies and vanilla cake and frostings in creamiest of cream and chocolatiest of chocolate with chocolate buttons in white and dark both. And cupcakes too! I’ve been busy! There’s so much more to do too so I have to cut this short and get at my country bohemian life. Y’all have a wonderfully Merry Christmas and try to meet me back here to tomorrow to relax and share coffee and convo. I love y’all so much!!!! Much Peace Love Art ! I think I may try to blog again later, maybe after the festivities… I’d like to share coffee and space with y’all…my friends, you know? Quiet time…that’ll be nice…

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