Christmas Story Leg Lamp, All Things Retro, Christmas Magic!!


I did good yesterday. I really stuck to my plan! I did! I didn’t get it all done but I was prepared to. I didn’t get to go finish Christmas shopping because Wayne got tied up helping a friend do something to his kitchen and then he worked on someone’s go-cart and then he worked on something at his mom’s and delivered the go-cart and then finally around 7pm he got home. We saw him at breakfast and lunch but that was it all day long. I rearranged the living room furniture after breakfast and now I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it! We all do! I’m so glad I went ahead and did it because had I waited until after Christmas and then fixed it this way I would have been sad not to have had it this way for Christmas! So Yay! Let’s see…I blogged of course, I cooked breakfast, did the dishes, rearranged the living room, quilted my mom’s art journal quilt so it’s done, I finished up another little project for my nieces, I made oyster stew for lunch, did the dishes. I printed a coloring book going to Australia and made a pouch for it and some aceos, and a peace flag too…gotta get an envelope today while we’re out and mail it off! I made dinner. We watched Love, Actually yesterday and Charlie Brown Christmas Tales too on YouTube…I listened and watched while I made art. I heated up dinner and again…did the dishes. I drank many pots of Buttery Caramel Coffee (Food Lion Brand…my new favorite!! so good!!) I drew late into the night last night while drinking said coffee and eating popcorn while Wayne watched a terrible movie he wanted to see but bored me to tears! Tonight we’re so watching the Christmas Story! I so love the Leg Lamp!images I love all things retro anyway! Look at this! I found it on Facebook yesterday and I loved loved loved it too!!10421260_774842209255777_500382330355608482_nOh my gosh!! Aren’t y’all just so excited!!! The sights, the scents, the music, the beauty and magic and whimsy. The baking and smiles and hugs and laughter.  The Santa hats and reindeer antlers on cars and horse and buggies that have been appearing up and down our little country lane out here. The smoke curling up from chimneys and hot coffee and cocoa and homemade from scratch cookies and pumpkin pies!! with cool whip!! I love cool whip! I’ll dip my finger right in and devour it! I mean cool whip goes with everything! Coffee, cocoa, ice cream, peanut butter crackers, jello, Nutella, granola bars…so good! And…it’s fat free! Score! I just love love love every last little twinkle light, every piece of glitter dust and sparkle and jingle bell! It really is a Wonderful Life and Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus! I truly believe in the Power of Magic and Love all the time and twice as much during Christmas! Even Piper is feeling it! She sat down with Bijou’s kitten, well, Rainy and Bijou’s kitten Melena yesterday and cleaned her! And bumped noses with Bijou too! Christmas Miracles! So, here’s wishing y’all the Merriest of Christmases so far and I hope like crazy y’all take time just like I’m gonna have to remind myself to do too… to make some memories…play a game, sit down and watch a movie, sing along with the carols on the radio. Don’t let Christmas pass you by!! Promise? Try to find time to meet me back here tomorrow okay for coffee or hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows…I’ll have cookies and bread…homemade and tasty…we can color and drink coffee and share time…Ok…Big hugs!! Peace Love Art ~


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