Dancing Hands, Baking Cookies and Peace Bread…Life is Tasty

Christmas Kitchen...can't wait to start baking now!
Christmas Kitchen…can’t wait to start baking now!

My computer genius daughter worked with the computer and the scanner all morning yesterday and just could not get them to jive together so here’s what I have to do…to do large Tiff files for my art agent I’ll have to use her hp scanner since my kodak has the line running through it and the Canon won’t work with my Mac…but I can use the little Canon 150 as a copier for coloring books and zines and stuff. The one Wayne bought for me off Craig’s List for a deal, the big ole printer, I’m gonna use to make coffee table books of my art and blog excerpts and postcards and prints and 13 x 19 posters of my art that I’ll have to set up my camera on a tripod so I can take good pics and hopefully, HOPEFULLY it will work with Yosemite if it doesn’t then back in time it goes…I don’t care what files I loose I just need this thing to work right. I swear I don’t think I’ll ever do another freaking update again. One update took away my iMovie! and iPhoto! STUPID UPDATES! Christmas gifts coming right along! I even got something made for my friend Tami at the Webb Road Flea Market (Building A for the best selection of incense around!!!!!) I made also, Peace Bread!

Peace Bread
Peace Bread


and cookies which Sky loved so much he insisted on giving me two dollars to buy more ingredients today to make more and make more I will since tomorrow I’ll be giving out goody bags to the trash guy and the mail chick and the post office peeps and our neighbors Traci and her mom. I love Traci, I need to  get back to learning sign language so I can talk to her better! I love sign language, it’s like your hands are dancing! I got started on my mom’s gift last night and this morning before breakfast I’ll put color down on it and this afternoon I’ll try to get it quilted…I say try because you know what happens when I say I have a plan! Plans are no longer in my repertoire! I’m no longer a planner! I’m a fly by the seat of your pants kind of gal! Ok, so that’s not true. I’ve got to have plans, I need goals. Without goals and self imposed deadlines how will you get anywhere? I’m already signed up for a Thriving Artist Summit in January that I’m really really really excited about and several Strathmore free online workshops throughout next year too! I’m serious about branding my art and building a business. I love art licensing and Porterfield’s but I can’ t put all my eggs in one basket. I have goals set and I intend to reach them in 2015. Well, my beautiful friends, it is Christmas time and time is tick tick ticking away so I’d better go get more coffee and get at it…I’m Mrs. Claus right now! Cooking, baking, wrapping gifts, making art, and singing carols in my so outta tune style it aint even funny but it’s Christmas and it’s allowed! Lol. So, y’all have a great day! Try to stop by my little barefoot home tomorrow for coffee Peace Love Art and homemade bread!!! I love y’all! Big big big hugs!!!!


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