What to Wear? Making Art! & Baking Tasty Treats…Life is Good


It’s one of those days where I can’t decide what I want to wear. I mean I just can’t get comfortable no matter how comfy my clothes are and they are as usual comfy since I prefer comfy over anything else lol. I like soft soft soft clothes, Clothes that flow and dance when you walk and feel so good against your skin. I like feeling good about what I’m wearing and what I’m wearing reflecting who I am which is a bohemian hippie artist who is swamped under projects for family and so excited to be making especially since they are turning out AWESOME!!! There’s a lot of Love going into them and I think it shows. I am so wanting to post pics but I cannot since the Christmas secrets have to be kept but oh my gosh!! The girls, my nieces, are so gonna love love love me!! I’m impressing myself lol. I just feel so much Love and Peace and Happiness this morning even though I’m trying to set up the Canon Pixma 150 all in one we got at a yard sale in the summer for ten dollars and it tells me (Mac tell me) it doesn’t support it so I’m not sure what I’ll have to do so I’m waiting on my computer genius daughter to get up so I can ask her about downloading something to make it work. If it doesn’t then I’m not sure what I’ll do…except save up for a scanner….sigh…I will not loose my Peace and Joy over this! I just won’t. Last Saturday we didn’t even have Christmas…we had a huge mess and this Saturday we have a beautiful living room and Christmas so it’s all good..Now if I could just figure out what I want to wear lol. I think it’s my skirt that’s throwing me off. It’s not flowy like I usually wear. It’s making me walk like Mortica Addams! Lol. I want sock feet! and soft yoga pants and just to feel free to move! I’m going to sneak into the bedroom doing my best to not stir the sleeping Wayne and get my softy yoga pants and take off my shoes maybe put on a second pair of socks to hold the chill and just be comfortable. I need to finish Christmas shopping but there’s always tomorrow! Right? I need coffee…y’all try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art ~ and comfy clothes!! 🙂 Oh! And baking!! I need to bake something today!! I want to go see Tami and Alex tomorrow and I want to take them some goodies and baking makes the house cozy and nice and smell so good and it’s a good day for homemade soup too while making art and …oops! almost let the cat out of the bag!! Better go before I slip up! Peace Out!

Mmmm, gingerbread cake
Mmmm, gingerbread cake

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