Secret Christmas Projects and the Zen of Sewing Machines


You know what I’m thinking about this morning before the sun is even up, before my first pot of coffee is empty and the next one brewing, before my family gets up, before Life swings into motion…I’m thinking of how you can go through the day doing little things that you normally do and then inspiration hits and it’s like WHAM! Like literally WHAM! Like WHAM! as you would see it on an old Batman episode when he and Robin sock the Joker or something. You really feel it…something just clicks and you know that you know that you know you’re on to something and you may not even know what that something is for a while but it’s still there, it’s still something, it’s adding up, it’s manifesting man! It’s real. I’ve had that feeling lately with my art quilts. But my art quilts aren’t just art quilts, oh no, they are actually art journal quilts and I see them going even further now that I have completed one yesterday. Not the Christmas themed one that I’ll probably send to Sara and I hope she’s not reading this! But the one I did yesterday. I quilted it with my sewing machine and loved every single second of it. I don’t have the quilting foot and wouldn’t know how to use it anyway. I don’t really know how to quilt… I just let it flow organically you know, like the way I make art. I dig it anyway! The Christmas one is taking longer because most of it is hand quilted!! But I love using my sewing machine so much! I love the little light that shines the path for the fabric to follow, I love the whir of it as it goes along, I love all the colors of the threads, I just wish threads weren’t so expensive! I’ll have to start buying them up when yard sales start back in the spring. With the art journal quilts I get to combine three things I love love love doing! I get to draw/paint/color and write and use my sewing machine all on one singe project!! And there is pure BLISS in those moments! I’ve also had pure Blissful moments working on the goodies for my oh so awesome nieces. These girls are sisters and they are each so unique and wonderful. I just really love them. They are beautiful people and I doubt if they know how much I care about them but I do, I really really really do. I’ve got one of the projects almost done and I’m so happy with it I want to post it so much but I cannot ’cause they might see it! So, after Christmas I’ll post. I can post the art journal quilt though. I finished it late as the sun had already slipped out of sight and the studio darkened but the Christmas tree lights and my combination of lavender sheers and blue lights made everything a million times cheerier with it’s colorful display of magic and whimsy.. so the pics may not be so great and I’ll get more later when the sun is actually awake as it is still snoozing right now just like my family and the cats (thank goodness, the little menaces to society! lol)  Wayne said he could see my lights from the bottom of the hill as he was headed home last night. That’s so cool!! I love riding around looking at other people’s homes with the decorations and tree lights and magic and now I’m thinking maybe I’m adding to someone’s Christmas joy with my own little artsy display of Hippie Christmas!! So yay! Hey, guess what? On Facebook…there’s a quiz What era are you from…I think that’s what she said it was…ok, a friend of mine saw a piece of art on a quiz and it was in fact, mine! Lol, My art is popping up in all kinds of places! Glad people dig it! Just wish they knew they could buy it! Ok, so I need coffee in one hand and a crayon in the other and Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen on YouTube before I stop to make grits, bacon, butter toast and eggs for Wayne so I’m off till tomorrow and I’ll hope y’all stop by, I’ll try to make bread today or cookies or both! We’ll see how it goes…I still have more Christmas shopping to do. There’s a little something I need to pick up for Sky and my sister and her husband…oh Lord…I’m off and running for the coffee pot! Much Peace Love Art ~  DSCN1402 DSCN1400 DSCN1401


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