Goosebumps, Positive Energy, Art, and Random Acts of Life


I’m so excited! I started a project yesterday that I love love love! Today I will finish it up and then show it you.  I’m working a on a project for each of my awesome nieces too for Christmas. I think they will love it! I know I’m loving it and I think they’ll be so surprised! I’m also working on three possibly four new products for my etsy shop that I will offer a subscription to. It’s going to be awesome!! I can’t wait to get started on it too! But this morning…right now…all I want to do is make coffee throw rugs with affirmations stitched to them. So, I’m wondering dear friends if this is my Muse prodding me in the right direction or am I off on a tangent that takes me off course. I tend to think I’m on track actually since coffee throw rugs play into my product lines. Product lines!!! How exciting that sounds!! And really really really right…RIGHT!! Okay, I’ve got the happy creative vibration giving me goosies right this very second!! This must and I mean MUST MEAN SOMETHING!! Product lines! I do want my own company…remember? I talked about that recently a few posts back. Did you know I have posted a blog every single day this year! That was a little goal I set for myself and even on days when I was the only one showing up here in my barefoot home I still popped in, drank some coffee, and talked randomly about this and that and the other too ’cause that’s what life is really…random little acts that shape into something tangible or not ’cause sometimes it’s just random little meaningless things that matter not at the moment but who knows…could mean something later on down the dirt road on the little hippie road trip of Life. So, take no day for granted, it’s a gift and you so don’t want to be a regifter! I mean if we don’t appreciate what the Universe gives us then it’s gonna stop giving to us…that’s what I think anyway. But back to the goosies! I want to keep that positive energy flowing ALL DAY LONG!!  I love love love it! So, while my arm hairs are still standing at attention and every fiber of my being feels so alive and ready to create some magic that’s exactly what I’m gonna do for a little while anyway. Soon, I’ll have to get Wayne up to go do another little job today…hey, little jobs add up! I’ll make him a nice big warm breakfast to send him off with on this chilly morning. And several coffee pots later, I’ll make breakfast for me and the kids. I didn’t cook a big meal yesterday…nothing with meatballs, since the day ran us late but maybe today will be meatballs…who knows? Ok, so y’all have a great and I really mean GREAT day. Make a memory, make some art, make a smile at yourself in the bathroom mirror! I’m going to sing the 12 days of Christmas while vacuuming later! And I’m gonna go walking with Sky and hopefully play a board game today too! And tonight is The Taste on ABC. I love Nigella Lawson and she’s a judge on it! I love food and cooking and keeping things comfy cozy so I need to tie all that in with my product lines! There they are again! The goosies every time I say or think product lines! Can y’all feel the vibrations too? I’m just wondering how far they reach. I’m in NC…way out in the country though not nearly far out enough for my taste, not yet anyway, still manifesting. Y’all try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~image


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