Christmas Is Back!!!! 2:25 am Christmas Tree Re-Lighting!!


Christmas is indeed back! It arrived with the tree re-lighting at 2:25 am this morning! We started this project Friday after lunch time around 3:00 pm and in the wee hours of Monday morning (but we prefer to think of it as Sunday night) we finished! It was totally worth it! Thanks for all the positive vibes!! We consumed copious amounts of coffee and homemade Italian bread pizzas! But we came through it!

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We sat on the sofa this morning in the early hours just me and Wayne and Rainy since she came home and found us still up. So, we had a 2:30 am snack and just chilled with Christmas! Today Wayne will have to shimmy up the pole to re run our antenna and then go back under the house to retrieve the speaker wire that I pushed back down through the floor cause he told me to by accident! Quel nightmare! I did a little more tweaking this morning on the furniture but I think I like it. The room is so much more open now with the window gone and the tv hanging on the new wall and Wayne’s own custom designed and built shelves for his home theater equipment. Omg! I even rearranged my studio! I had a tiny little feeling I would! The tree is in here! I sold a peace flag yesterday too so I’ve got to get it ready to ship for Christmas which will of course, include freebies so I’ll leave you with some pictures…maybe a slide show of what I have but the pics didn’t turn out that great so I’ll try again later. Y’all have a great day! Try to meet me back here tomorrow!! Peace Love Art


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