I’m Bringing Christmas Back…TODAY!!


Those stinking best laid plans! Will I ever learn my lesson? I Knew when Wayne said it would take a day…one single day to do the project he had in mind for the living room that it would take at least three. But I chose to go along with it, with him. Then when he left to pick up a couple of things he would need and didn’t come back for three hours it was so not going to happen in that one single day that was already after lunchtime anyway. That was okay though because Saturday was the new deadline! Saturday it would be completed! He even got up early! Left for Lowe’s early, wouldn’t be gone long at all…he was in fact, gone for 2 1/2 hours! Comparison shopping! I can’t blame him there but we’re on a time crunch! It’s almost Christmas and we haven’t shopped yet! And he ended up going back to Lowe’s since their prices were better than those of Walmart! Now dear friends, the house looks like a community of hoarders live in it and you literally have to climb over stuff to walk around. But today, TODAY, is the day! We were going to the flea market this morning but now we’re staying home to work. Because, as you as my witness, this place will be put back in order by this evening or heads will roll! Lol. I almost got depressed yesterday about it. Time ticking away till the big day of Christmas which I love love love so much every glittery tinsely twinkle light of it! I want to bake and have lit candles and the tree lights on. There’s not much sadder than an unlit Christmas tree sitting smack dab in the middle of chaos! Well, there is of course, but for me right now this is a sad sad sad sight and totally overwhelming! I feel like throwing every magazine out the door, every dvd, every knick knack, everything! But this mood shall pass once the last piece is placed like a on a jigsaw puzzle and anyway I’m so up to the challenge! And I made the very conscious choice to be HAPPY in spite of the wearing on into my holiday, in spite of the mess, the clutter…the unbelievable clutter, the total CHAOS! I chose to feel Peace and Happiness. I used my Muchness! I even went for an afternoon walk with Rainy yesterday. I just walked out or should I say climbed over stuff to get out the door to walk down our beautiful country lane. I took my kid, my coffee and wore my favorite hat and scarf and sweater and loved every single second of it. Plus, I worked on my quilt and a new Peace Flag in between helping Wayne when he needed me. Today will be my BIG working day. Today I will paint and clean and shove furniture all around until I get the chi just exactly right and if I’m lucky…we just may make it to the flea market while the paint dries! Wish me luck, cross your fingers and your twinkle toes, send positive vibes and good energy and prayers all good things are welcome because I WANT MY CHRISTMAS BACK!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DSCN1344

So, you lucky, comfy cozy friends, try to meet me back here tomorrow…I’ll have pictures to show you! and Peace Love Art ~


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