Blame It On My ADD Baby!


Tomorrow they are coming to check our phone line because it’s static and the internet that’s supposed to be high speed is so not! So tomorrow between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm I can expect them!… Kinda eats into your day right? But at least it means I’ll be at home making art and drinking coffee! Got more Butter Caramel Coffee today and Vanilla Bean too! So looking forward to tasting the Vanilla Bean! I love love love coffee!!! You know what? I am so easily distracted. I don’t understand it. When I’m working on a Mandala or Peace FlagDSCN1296 I can really really really get into it but then the moment I step away…Wham! I’m gone for hours! This morning I was working on art, went to the kitchen for coffee and came back to tidy up my studio instead of working! That’s what I did until I made breakfast and we left to run errands, then back home, put away groceries, made lunch which was so delicious! Then walked with Sky, called Windstream about our phone and internet problems, then strung some lights in my studio and got distracted by what I want to wear tomorrow and then it was dark! Now here I am thinking about dinner and art and coffee and The Taste coming on tonight on ABC. Nigella is on it and I love love love her! So, dear friends I’m off to hopefully not get distracted and accomplish something! Blame it on my ADD baby! Lol. Try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Much Peace, Love, Art


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  1. Kelly says:

    Thank you so very much!
    I got the loot today and it is cheerful and Christmasy…even for me, the original old Scrooge.
    I’m going to color some of the little prints later on and then include them with my outgoing Christmas cards.
    That way the happiness gets spread around!
    Merry Christmas my crazy hippie friend!

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