Fa La La La…I Love Christmas and Art and The Carpenters Too!


We’ve decked the halls, the walls and the tree! DSCN1303Yay! I love love love Christmas!! I love the comfy cozy, my family, the baking, the kitties, the patchwork quilts and the quilt I’m working on and loving every single second of! I love Butter Caramel coffee and pita toast.  I love thick wool skirts and boots and scarves and hats and mittens. I love days that fade into twilight early as cold steely gray closes in and the heat kicks on and dinner sizzles and steams on the range. I love thinking of the snow days we’ll have (hopefully) and the hot cocoa that will go with it. I love cookies and fresh bread hot from the oven and big pots of homemade soup. I love The Carpenters and David Soul and James Ingram singing in the back ground as I sit here blogging. I love Love.  I love 5:30am.

5:30 am
5:30 am

I really do. I get up at 4am to shower, meditate and do “chores”…liter boxes, feed the animals, answer emails…then make art till one by one my family comes down the hall with sleepy eyes and tousled hair. It’s by 5:30 am that I have my first cup of coffee, candles lit and usually incense too, the house so quiet, music playing softly in the background and Peace reigning supreme. I love cooking breakfast, it’s my most favorite meal of the day! I’m thinking now of dinner and I’m totally leaning toward something that wasn’t on my menus but I have the stuff to make it and I think it would be so good tonight…steamed cabbage with fried potatoes, biscuits, mac/cz (for Wayne) and veggies. My coffee cup is empty…again…how does this keep happening? So, I’m off to refill and refuel on coffee and chop some cabbage, get my potatoes ready and wind down into the evening…the evening of which I will work on my quilt and hopefully finish it up soon! Maybe I’ll weave tonight though…my affirmation pot holders, you remember, I told you about them the other day, to go with my coffee throw rugs

coffee throw rug
coffee throw rug

. And i need to figure out what’s going in January’s Hippie Stash Pouch in my etsy shop! I’d better hop to it! So, y’all have a great night! Try to stop back by tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~


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