Tasty Food, Art and Life…It’s all Good!


I used a brand new recipe today. DSCN1287It was so fun to make and pretty quick too. I used canned biscuits and cut them into eights but I held back two. I took cooked rotisserie chicken and heated it up in the pan with Olive Oil spray and Italian seasoning. When It was all warmed up I tossed it in my favorite bowl and doused it with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. I tossed in the biscuits and mixed them in to coat in the sauce. I sprayed a long glass dish with Olive Oil and spread out the concoction. Then on top of that I used one of the biscuits I had held back to top it off here and there with just a touch of BBQ sauce and then I let Mozzarella cheese snow down on top of the whole thing then I cracked more Italian seasoning on top of that and basil too. It baked in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. It smelled so so so good! With the other biscuit I made a flower! See it in the picture…pretty food. DSCN1288I served it with hot buttery Texas toast and creamy parmesan noodles. I’ll definitely be making this dish again!!

I mailed art today! Florida, Arizona, Rhode Island, Tenn. and right here in NC too! It all should reach it’s destination by Friday spreading hippie love and smiles I hope!

So, this morning while showering I had an inspiration to make for my etsy shop dish rugs too. You know to sit a dish on to cool on the table or heck use it for anything really. I want to stitch down fabric with affirmations on them and sell them in bundles! I loved loved loved that idea and thought I’d make myself a loom from cardboard as I have in the past, but guess what?! Wayne and I went to the Restore today and I found for 1.00 a pot holder loom! Is that the Universe at work or what? So I guess tonight I may start making them or work on my new peace flag or another coloring book or who knows?!

For now dear friends, I’m going to the kitchen because I’m hungry and Mr. Coffee just sounded an alert he’s trying to quit for the day and that’s so not happening! He’s totally putting in overtime! I need more Butter Caramel Coffee tonight! It’s sooooo good! My new favorite…sorry Barnies! Food Lion brand has my heart and taste buds now. 🙂

Y’all try to come on back to the barefoot home tomorrow…maybe I’ll bake cookies! from a cake mix! Call me crazy! Cookie cake? Cake Cookies? Who cares! It’s cookies!

Peace Love Art ~


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