Making Christmas Goodies and My Nostalgic Wish List!


I have been filling orders all day long. Well, one order and some free stuff. I sold the hippie stash

The Hippie Stash Boho Pouch full of goodies!
The Hippie Stash Boho Pouch full of goodies!

which is a shabby chic little hippie pouch I painted and sewed and  packed full of fun hippie Christmas goodies! There’s a Christmas Tree art journal…it has Christmas Trees for the buyer to color! and lots of pages for notes and sketches and the cover is a hand pulled print DSCN1257 DSCN1254 DSCN1255. It has some little Christmas gift tags, a half page Christmas Girl to color, some candy canes, a coffee throw rug with felt and fabric stitched to it, there’s a zine of my Christmas tree memories, six paper ornaments

I sewed from paper and embellished with yarns and ribbons, a hippie house peace flag, and the pouch itself is so cool with a front pocket! It’s totally loaded and I just think she’ll love love love it! I also got the aceo give aways together and made a little something special to go with them!! I’m so excited to mail everything out tomorrow!! Tomorrow is going to be a great day! Just call me Mrs. Claus!! This is the most fun! Now I’m back working on my great big hippie peace flag and some little cards for my shop and I thought about making some coffee throw rugs for my etsy shop…a coffee throw rug, in case you’re wondering, is a piece of fabric I knit or weave or crochet in a rectangle adding fringe on the ends and little embellishments like sewn on tags with things like Peace Love Coffee written on them.  I love making them and they don’t take me that long. I made that one this morning with two kittens hanging out with me. Two kittens went to their forever homes today and the other two are Rainy and Michael’s. I watched on YouTube commercials of toys from when I was a kid!! Now I want toys for Christmas!! I want the Toss Across and Fashion Plates and a Light Bright and Don’t Spill The Beans and Boobie Trap and a Spirograph, and Mystery Date!!! I want roller ball lip gloss and Tutti Fruiti perfume. I want my stocking filled with oranges and a Life Saver Storybook and soft socks! I want Barbie’s Dream House and I want my mom to work at Toy Land again!! That was her best job ever!! Ok, now I want coffee and dinner so I’m off, y’all feel free to share your nostalgic wish list with me!! It’s fun! Oh the  memories!! And try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~


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  1. Simply Wanda says:

    I remember getting Mystery Date as a Christmas present when I was 10… loved that game!

    The one thing I want more than anything is a bottle of Aviance spray cologne by Prince Matchabelli. Not the Night Musk, but plain Aviance. I believe it came in a cream color box with a silver stripe and was very popular in the 70s. If they ever brought it back I would buy a gallon! It brings back soooo many good memories.

    1. dawn says:

      I’ll be on the look out Wanda! Who knows what you can find at flea markets!! 🙂

  2. dawn says: Wanda Look at this!!

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