My New Favorite Coffee, Rice Crispy Treats and Life


I’m running so late but I’ve been playing Santa’s helper all day long! I love love love this time of year. I love the twinkling lights and the hot cocoa and the cold cold cold days! I love the crunchy ground when walking everyday with my son. I love cooking in the winter even though technically it is still fall…right? Tonight is the Full Cold Moon according to the Farmer’s Almanac. I love also the Farmer’s Almanac! I made a huge pot of homemade soup DSCN1242last night and it will be dinner again tonight! Tomorrow will be the first day Wayne has been able to be home all day long and we’ve got the whole thing planned out! After breakfast…a big breakfast…eggs, bacon, grits, pancakes, butter toast, oatmeal (mine with Sriracha) and juice and coffee…we’re going to the flea market to walk off breakfast! I’ll see Tami and Alex and buy some incense and then we’ll stop by the Food Lion where I’ll buy more of my FAVORITE new coffee…Food Lion brand Buttery Caramel…oh my gosh! IT IS SO GOOD!! I’m drinking Barnies right now though ’cause I still live Cafe au Chocolat too. I’ve also got to pick up sweeteners, breads, lettuce and can’t forget the celery for the Bloody Mary’s and lets see….that may be it…perhaps some more black forest ham for Sky and beef bologna for Wayne. I need to write this little list down. I may buy the stuff to make rice crispy treats and Trash like my mom used to make and I found the recipe on line! the original recipe!! (see yesterday’s blog for the recipe for Trash…it’s really good homemade, much better than from the bag. Ok, so we’ll come home, I’ll make lunch…choosing from my menus if the soup is all gone while Wayne and Sky bring up the ornaments and stuff. After lunch we’ll all gather, Rainy and Michael should be here by then and decorate the tree and Wayne and I will partake of a Bloody Mary or two as the festivities kick in and we deck the halls and the tree too! Sounds like a great day to me! For now though, I have a art order to get done and dinner to heat up and life waiting on me in the form of family and kittens and peace flags! So, y’all take care and try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~DSCN1240 DSCN1234


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