From Creepy Afternoon Walk On A Steely Gray Day to Comfort Food…Life is Good!


Have you ever seen the old movie, Jane Eyre? Do you remember the tortured demented rants and screams of Mr. Rochester’s crazy locked away wife? Imagine that, those kinds of screams as you are out walking on a cloudy already darkening day. A day with a chill in the air and everything a steely gray hue. Silence cause you’re walking a country lane in the late afternoon… the only sound is the occasional crowing of a confused rooster somewhere in the distance near the horse pasture…when all of a sudden a piercing half crazed scream breaks the zen of the moment. Your head snaps toward the direction of the hollering that is becoming more crazed by the moment. It’s happened two days in a row now. Today was much worse though. We could see a figure moving about but it was much too far away to be able to see what they were doing or what was going on but boy it was creepy and it sounded like they were screaming help! but we had the feeling we would be the ones needing help if we went near! We hot footed it back home and locked the door!

Now, here we are safe and sound, incense burning, kitties napping, DSCN1222drinking coffee and all is once again well. I’m about to put on my pjs at 5 in the afternoon! and make some art baby! First time all day long well, first time since 5am that is. I’ve so many chores today! But it’s all done, dusting, floors, liter boxes, market, helped Wayne on his job, did the laundry…again!, cooked, dishes, walked…twice, bathroom, kitchen. Whew!

Menus for the next week…

BBQ Chicken Bubble Up Bake w/ rice and texas toast

Homemade Pizza w/ salads and bread sticks

BBQ salads w/ hushpuppies and onion rings

Roast beef roll ups w/ potato wedges and slaw

Homemade veggie soup with homemade yeast bread

Oyster Stew with crackers

Pigs in the Blanket w/ fries and onion rings

Ravioli Bake w/ salad and garlic bread

Meatball Cheesy Bake w/ garlic bread and salad

a lot of bakes but I like bakes they are warm and homey comfort foods and easy peasy too!

Ok, so, I’m running way behind in my art gotta accomplish something before dinner! Other than chores…

Tomorrow is the give away of 30 aceo girls for you to color!! Here’s the link to that blog so you can enter if you want to….

Y’all try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~


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