Squirrels Hold Grudges, Quotes Illustrated, and Aceo Give Away!


Another day is silently slip slip slipping away. I hate to see you go…it’s been so nice all day today with the soupy fog of this morning giving way to a little tiny bit of sunshine this afternoon. Today was the kind of day that as a schoolchild I would have loved..chilly enough to be fall but not so cold you didn’t want to be outside and you just knew that as soon as the sun set which would be early evening, the chill would really set in and then would come the scent of chimney smoke and soon you’d be called in the house as the dark closed in and when you entered the warm house there would be homemade biscuits in Nona’s oven and fatback on a paper towel waiting on me, and steamy pots and sizzling iron skillets on the stove top, dinner was cooking away, and all was well but until then, until dark, until Paw-Paw got home, until dinner was almost ready, I could play outside running up and down the hills, climbing the baring trees to visit with squirrels and birds. Piling up leafs to jump in and collecting greenish yellow acorns that I held as things of great beauty and still do. I really really really love acorns. Once I spent an entire day collecting them from Nona’s yard and carried them into my back room of Nona’s house and laid them carefully out on the floor so I could view each and every one of them. It took all day long but when I looked upon my treasures it was worth it…until Nona saw what I had done. Oh my gosh! I was in trouble!! I promptly had to gather them up and carry them back outside. The squirrels must have been upset too since after that they began to pelt me with them!! I didn’t think I was taking from them!! Oh my gosh! What a memory! Today on our walk I saw some acorns and I was so tempted to gather a few…but, I didn’t. But still a squirrel threw one down at me! I guess my reputation precedes me! And squirrels evidently hold grudges! Lol. Isn’t there a statute of limitations on acorn thievery?

Lesley Riley’s rerelease of Quotes Illustrated

My art in Lesley Riley's book Quotes Illustrated
My art in Lesley Riley’s book Quotes Illustrated
Lesley Riley's book Quotes Illustrated!! My art is in it! Two pieces!!
Lesley Riley’s book Quotes Illustrated!! My art is in it! Two pieces!!

came this week! My art is on pages 28 and 29!! I’m so excited! The book is gorgeous!! The texture of the pages is awesome! and they are perforated so you can frame the art if you want to. I’m so proud to be part of it!

I moved the living room furniture again today to get ready for the Christmas tree. Hopefully Wayne will be home this weekend and we can put them up! And find the precious kittens homes too. It’s time and we’re getting too attached! This is going to be so difficult! It makes me sad to think of it, so I won’t, I just won’t think about it.

Don’t forget to enter to win November’s aceo girls one blog back….nov10

Try to meet me back here tomorrow I’m off to get more coffee and work on my new Peace flag for a while longer. Y’all take care! Peace Love Art ~


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