Never Thought I’d Ever Say That!


Something I thought I’d never ever say…I called the FBI today. I did. I really did. Can’t believe it but I had to file a complaint with them about someone trying to sell prints of my art on eBay. Ebay knows and know so does the FBI oh my gosh! I guess I’m more popular than I knew lol.  On a lighter note, Lesley Riley’s release of Quotes Illustrated was delivered to my door today! I’m on pages 28 and 29 and I’m so so so HAPPY!!! It looks great! The new book is so awesome!! I love the texture of the paper and it’s perforated so you can frame the prints if you want to. What a great idea! It’s a little hard to type with a big ole Piper laying across my computer table warming herself on my Mac mini like it’s her heating blanket…ooh, I bet she would love a little heating blanket for Christmas! I should check into that. I didn’t get much done in the way of art today since I spent so much time on the phone but I did make some recycled paper pouches perfect for gift cards and little things. Tomorrow I think I want to make a monster. A plushie monster. I’m really jonesing to make it so hopefully that vibe will hold out till tomorrow. I’ve still got to make dinner but after that maybe….who knows…smiling. It feels so good to be smiling. I was so mad with eBay’s lack of response on their art thief and I used up time and energy on negativity but I turned it around. I listened to Louise Hay on YouTube for a while and then went to my music and now all is well once again. Life is good. Wayne’s working a bit late tonight so I’ve got a little more time…think I’ll go jump into my pjs and knock out another pouch before I make a turkey pot pie. Y’all take care and have a wonderful evening and remember you can turn your mood around if you choose to…I know you can, ’cause I did it today. Try to stop by again tomorrow…I’m having a give away…November’s aceo cards! You get to color them yourself!! Fun stuff!! More about that tomorrow though. For now…Peace Love Art ~Be the Princess You Were Born To Be


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