Home Is…

There are certain little things that make me feel homey you know all comfy cozy and safe (besides seeing my little family gathered together in the living room). Country living is one of things things. Stopping to let chickens cross the road and never wondering why. The bray of the donkey down the road. The pantry stocked with canned foods from the garden…beans, tomato sauce and such. Tie dye and flannelsDSCN1124 and clothes lines. Patchwork quilts, farmers in overalls. The scent of burning wood as the smoke drifts up from hearths through chimneys dancing in the late autumn winds that have become really blustery…winds of change my Mom would call them since they would usually propel her to move again…still do..she’s about to move somewhere…anywhere but I that’s another blog for another time lol. For me home is where my music is playing…George Harrison, John Lennon, David Soul (don’t laugh!), The Carpenters (don’t laugh again!!), I also love love love Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin and Joni Mitchell and Carol King and I could go on and on and on but I think if you’ve ever stopped by the barefoot home before you understand how important music is in our bohemian life here. I like to surround myself with little things like baskets of pine cones scented with cinnamon and clove studded oranges and my burning incense…I cannot go without my incense!! I love baskets of yarn balls in every color under the rainbow. I love teacups and saucers even though they are way too small to house my coffee intake! I like pretty dishes and big white bowls. I love twinkle lights and lamps burning in the window as the sun sets. I love lava lamps! Mine is pink like my old phone! I love mixing ingredients of my home cooking by hand with my favorite wooden spoon as music plays and a candle burns on the kitchen island where I’m working. I love kitties in window sills 101_7605and dogs napping in sunshine puddles. I love a jigsaw puzzle in progress and board games stacked on top of the book shelf where one can be grabbed for a spontaneous game and the best ones for me anyway, are the vintage ones

The Inventors, the game we played while it stormed...
The Inventors, the game we played while it stormed…

I find at second hand stores that I love to haunt. I love books. Books on shelves, in stacks on the floor by the chair, on the coffee table, on the bedside table, in the kitchen cook books passed down to me! I treasure those the most! I almost always have one tucked in the messenger bag I carry as a purse along with a sketch pad, sharpies in varying sizes and colors and a tin of Altoids…they’re curiously strong you know. I cannot leave out a man’s shaving bowl and brush. I don’t know if it has a particular name or not but my Paw-Paw always used one and I loved watching him shave…opening the razor and slipping in a new blade after mixing the white fluffy concoction that he would usually dip a finger into to put a dab on the tip of my nose! I loved that scent too! And Dial soap! We still use Dial soap, Dial soap is synonymous with home like the clorox my Nona always cleaned with! Lastly and I know you know it’s coming…coffee in the never ending coffee pot, the sounds and aromas of breakfast cooking, the art and beauty of fresh bread rising, tomatoes in the kitchen window alongside herbs in terra-cotta pots and of course art supplies everywhere!!! I’m sure I forgot to add crochet afghans and hand knitted mittens and baskets of threads and my sewing machine and the whir it makes while in use! Hand made scarves and hats and laughter and wine bottles and even the California Raisins Hardee’s use to have. Oh my gosh! I can’t leave out Snoopy and Charlie Brown either! I should just stop here but first I’ll admit as a child I loved my Snoopy stuffed animal and kept him until there was nothing left but guess what?! I have one now!! I love love love him too and I love all y’all and I really really really hope you’ll come back by tomorrow I”ll try not to be so wordy I got carried away on life. Peace Love Art ~


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