The Perfect Pita, Short Days, Comfort Food and Coffee…Life is Tasty!


I don’t know if it’s the short days and cold evenings but there are certain things I need to find in my pantry on a daily basis to help me feel comfy cozy and homey. Nothing extreme or anything just little items like Sriracha sauce and spicy horseradish and sweetener for my never ending coffee! Which I also need to find readily available!! COFFEE! I love love love my coffee! I need to see oatmeal and Pop-tarts! Apple cinnamon are my favorite. I don’t like anything with icing but my kids do. I must have on hand at all times my popcorn kernels that I used to pop in my hot air popper but since I have mastered the fine art of popping them in a brown paper lunch bag in the microwave (without oil) I just do it that way instead of dragging out my popper or leaving it out to take up valuable counter space. In less than three minutes I have big white fluffy puffs of corn that I spray with FL zero cal butter spray and salt and sometimes pepper and sometimes Sriracha up and enjoy every time! So good! I need to know we have whip cream or ice cream or both and I have to…have to…have to…have pita bread. Whole wheat pita bread. I use it for everything! I use it in the morning by tearing it apart and using one half of the circle I lightly toast it up in the cast iron skillet I found at the flea market for 5.oo and is perfect for pita bread, toasted sandwiches, a panini, omelets, well, anything small…anyway…I lightly toast the whole wheat pita seasoned with butter spray and Italian seasoning with a dash of soul food seasoning too. Not too long in the pan, I don’t want it too crunchy just stiff enough to stand up to ingredients. I sit it to the side and make my egg white omelet that lately has housed hot peppers and pomegranate seeds! Yummy! I spread a layer of hot Chinese mustard on the pita and a thick layer of Sriracha on top of which I place my omelet all crunchy along the edges with a beautiful white top holding the goodies inside, then I just roll it up and have it with my oatmeal and I have to admit I do have a bit more hot mustard and Sriracha on the side for dipping. I know! I’m so addicted to spicy foods. I love them. It’s a great breakfast or quick enough snack in the afternoon and low in cals too. Half of the pita only has 75 cals and the egg white omelet would have what 20? Anyway, who cares? It’s delicious! Served with coffee of course! I also use this technique to make veggie roll ups and veggie burgers but the pita can be left flat and become a tasty pizza in minutes with a salad!! I don’t even use the oven sometimes. I just once again lightly toast up the pita in the skillet, seasoning it generously, and put on a layer of salsa and lettuce and whatever veggies I want after I season them in the hot skillet toss them on top with hot peppers and give it a quick spritz of OO spray and microwave for like 20 seconds and bam! Pita pizza…so good. You could top it with cheese too and let it melt in the microwave but I don’t like cheese even though I would love to learn how to make it! You should give it a try it’s quick and easy and oh so good! Okay, so now I’m hungry. Better go get dinner going. I hope y’all are keeping comfy cozy and eating something tasty…feel free to share! Try to stop by again tomorrow if you can. I’ll be here getting ready for Turkey day (which I don’t eat but my family does…poor turkey…I like the fixin’s that go with it though! So, have a great evening…Much Peace Love Art hippie friends!

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