What Is It About Today?


It’s staggering this afternoon just how grateful I feel for the day. Nothing in particular about the day mind you. The same old same old. Cooked, did laundry, mailed art to Australia (ok, so I don’t do that everyday 🙂 ) but you get the jest. I don’t know maybe it’s just how the house is smelling with presoaked all day long beans now on a slow simmer on the back burner melding ever so nicely with the coffee cake incense cube melting away in my simmer pot on the bay window seat. No worries about the kitties, they sniffed it and walked away. Maybe it’s the fresh coffee Mr. Coffee has for me or maybe it’s the late afternoon sunshine or the seeds I just planted to sprout in the kitchen window, maybe it’s the anticipation of Thanksgiving only days away now. It could be the music I’m listening to but there was no music as I walked around outside this afternoon taking it all in. DSCN1128 DSCN1130 DSCN1131Soaking up the sunshine and walking in the breeze down to the frog pond spying none and back to reflect on the garden which is now done, it’s last bounty counted for and now it lies dormant until Spring and we revive it once again. Maybe it’s the kittens who jump and climb and play so playfully you can’t not smile, you just have to! Maybe it’s the vintage metal pan of potatoes DSCN1126that always sits nearby since potatoes are a staple for us. We love love love potatoes! Fried potatoes, smashed potatoes, stewed potatoes (my personal favorite), potatoes au gratin, baked potatoes…slowly in the oven and served with fresh bread and salad and pats of butter….real butter not that fake stuff. Maybe it’s the quilting I’m doing. I’ve always wanted to quilt and now I’m actually doing it! Maybe it’s the art I’m painting or the next project on my art project to do list. I suppose it could be how nice the living room looks since I rearranged it…I bet it could be the CHI!  I bet the Feng Shui is spot on! I don’t know what it is and maybe it’s not just one thing in particular, probably it’s everything combined. This little simple hippie bohemian country life of mine that revolves easily and naturally around my family and art and pets and food and gardening and comfy cozy home-life…the incense, the lamp light in the window, the fleece throws and chenille socks and flannel sheets and home cooking and music that’s almost always playing and kitties in the window sills and plants tooDSCN1124, laughter and family and the way we come together for meals. The getting up excited to make art and drink coffee and happy to go to bed at the end of the day knowing I spent the day the best way I could…taking care of my family and making my art and living not just going through the motions. Yeah, that’s probably it, ’cause I don’t think I would ever want to eliminate one single aspect of my life.  I love life, don’t you? Life is good especially when kept as simple as possible I think. So, you know what? I’m going to drink coffee and work on something on my art project to do list while the music plays, the incense burns, the beans simmer, and afternoon slips unnoticed into evening and we all come together for dinner…beans, stewed cabbage, fresh rolls hot with butter, pan fried potatoes and Polish kielbasa. So, dear friends, try to come back tomorrow…I’ll have coffee and left overs! I would make more cookies but Thanksgiving is almost here and I’m making three different pies!! Oh my gosh! It’s indecent the decadence! Lol. Have a great evening y’all….Love Peace Art


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