Sunday Evening…Rain Is Falling…and…Life is Good


Okay, so here’s how it usually goes…I wake up feeling excited about the day, really inspired and setting goals for the day and everything. I think I have a plan, a direction, I know what I’m going to do and how to do it. Then I pull my still a bit drowsy and dreamy self from the bed…it’s probably 5am and I’m headed for the shower and meditation time. I clean the liter boxes and feed the furry friends and get that first cuppa cuppa of the day and settle down to do affirmations. After

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which I check emails and respond, check on my etsy shop, check in on FB and suddenly my plans, my goals, my direction has gone…disappeared…POOF! Into thin air. I no longer have that inspired feeling, oh no, that’s been replaced with “what the heck was I going to do?” Well, dear friends, not this morning! This morning I grabbed my iPad off the floor on my side of the bed and I jotted down on the notepad all my inspirations! I had a whole list of wonderfully wonderful artsy projects for today and ok, I didn’t do hardly any of them but at least I knew what they were and I didn’t not do them because I couldn’t remember what they were but because I focused on two projects instead…quilting and finishing up a new painting. I thought I was done with the painting but now I may add a couple more touches to it but I’ll post pics in a minute anyway. The quilt is coming right along! I’m loving it. I go to a totally zen place when I’m quilting. I get curled up and warm on my studio’s sofa or in my Nona’s chair, which was particularly good for today since it’s been extremely cold and rainy and beautiful. I love love love weather like this I really really really do! I love the warm glow of the lamp in the window and twinkle lights on the mantle and incense burning and coffee hot and fresh and all the spicy scents of autumn. I love the comfy, the cozy, the homeyness. I had to do it. I had to make cookies. Of course I did. I mean the weather just begged for it, right? I just enjoyed the best snack though. I had a strawberry banana jello with a dollop of whip cream and pomegranate seeds on top…so good. In a bit I’ll make dinner…maybe some stew potatoes on a night like this with biscuits and something like mac and cheese and shredded chicken or pasta and veggies or maybe just wine and cookies and popcorn lol. Toast and coffee!! Decisions decisions decisions. I’ll figure it all out later. For now I’m going to go put on my nice warm pajamas and get ready for the rest of the night. A night of art, and kittens and coffee and food and life at it’s best. Hope yours is awesome too. Try to meet me back here tomorrow if you can….and I hope you can. Peace Love Art ~


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