I Think I Just Had My A-Ha! Moment!! Wow!!


I’m sitting here on the sofa in my studio meditating like I do every morning but this time has been very, very, very different. This time after meditating I continued to sit and listen and opened the notes on my iPad and began to type and I’m so glad I did because my Life has this morning, as the sun rose and the kittens played and my family slept, unfolded and revealed to me a great Secret. My plan for the Future is set and I have goals and a list to follow to keep me on track. I think I’m going to share it here with you because if you’re reading this then maybe it’s because you’re suppose to be reading this and maybe just maybe I can help. I hope so anyway….this is really personal like sharing music and food and art and time, precious time. Really personal for me because as a creative being I often flounder in a swirling creative vortex of ideas and confusion and loose track of precious time and end up accomplishing little else than meals and laundry lol. However, now I have clear, CLEAR, intention…a road map so to speak to follow and it feels right. So, here’s what came to me this morning…

I need a clear vision of what I want. It should come to me clearly and easily and without force. I would love to have a brand…products….

Inspiration cards
Greeting cards
Meditation cards like a card deck
Coloring books
Art quilts
Peace flags
Boho hippie pouches

Maybe add Mocha Latte Da section to my etsy shop…sell
Zentangle mugs
Coffee cards
Coffee art work
Coffee aceos
Coffee rugs
Coffee cozies
Coffee zines
Coffee coloring books….little coloring books to color while you drink coffee
Infused sugars
Table Runners
Monthly zine of art, poetry, aceos, coloring pages, recipes, inspiration cards, random thoughts, and candy…the zine would come in paper or muslin pouch….

I want to draw and paint and color and mix media and sew and quilt and learn and grow and walk daily and be connected and inspire and be inspired. I want to set goals and reach them easily. I want to take time to enjoy life and it’s beauty and it’s wonders….the trees, the birds, the squirrels, the mountains, the zen of coffee and toast savored over a magazine and music.

Have I just inadvertently set my path? My goals? My intention? Could it be this easy…as easy as putting it down right here? Right here in a list….a simple little list of things to follow and create and build a brand…a comfy cozy bohemian country homey kind of vibe…simple living, simple pleasures, peace love and happiness….seasonal and whimsical and easy and peacefully mellow without pressure or deadlines or force….just getting up everyday doing the stuff on the list and living that lifestyle, my lifestyle and sharing it with the whole world…

Now to put Intention behind it. I must start right away….today…it’s easier now that I have stated it, claimed it, I am an Artist. I create…that’s what I do but now I will create with Intention and goals….goals that I will reach and surpass quickly and easily since it’s in accord with the Universe….I can feel it….finally….I am willing to set goals for my self and make a plan…the above plan…now here I go!

Wish me Luck as I wish you, dear friends, Peace Love Art….

Try to stop by again tomorrow! I’ll have coffee!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly says:

    I’m sending you a huge bunch of positive vibes.
    The energy that you put out into the world comes back to you…

    1. dawn says:

      Thank you 😀

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