Simple Country Living=Peace Personified


So, I got up this morning at 4 am. I thought it was 5 which would have been 6 before the time change a few weeks back but it wasn’t five at all, it was indeed 4 and I was already up thinking about art and coffee and taking a shower, so I stayed up. It was so great walking into the living room this morning after having rearranged all the furniture yesterday evening/last night. The big bay window in my studio is so viewable now to the entire living room too! I love love love it!

When I was in Jr. High I remember getting totally hooked on coke floats. Every night after changing into warm flannel jammies and going downstairs to sit in the rocking chair by the fire and watch tv with my family I would stop off at the kitchen to make a coke float to take with me and settle in for a tasty treat. I loved them so!!! Well, today Rainy asked me if I wanted to watch Haunting Melissa with her (it’s really good by the way, you should so check it out in the app. store!!!) I was quilting and started to say no but then I thought hey, there’s a memory opportunity here and I took it! I made myself a diet Dr. Perky float, the first float I’ve had in years and it was so good! I totally enjoyed the float and spending time with Rainy watching Melissa and yep, another memory has been made and shared here.

Sky and I went walking today. It was sunny and cold and wonderful. I love life, don’t you? It’s the smallest things that mean the most. Christmas is coming on fast and I wish, I really really really wish we could sit gifts to the side and just enjoy spending time together, playing board games and watching movies like A Christmas Story (you’ll put your eye out kid!) and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (remember the squirrel in the tree?!) Love those movies! I love cozy afternoons of good music and coffee and putting on pjs in the afternoon and making art and watching the sun set early as the chill sets in and I feel so grateful for my family and art and life and pets…so grateful it fills me with warmth even before the heater chases the chill out and the lamps light the corners. I wish there were words to describe how beautiful simple country living really is but there are none. It has to be experienced I think, because it is Peace personified, for me anyway.

Hope y’all are having a wonderfully wonderful Friday and I hope something spectacularly spectacular happens for each soul reading this. I really hope you can stop by again tomorrow…DSCN0956I’m going to go now since my coffee cup is cold and empty and there’s much life calling me…dinner, quilting, drawing, sewing, tv, family, peace love art ~


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