Deep Thoughts & Pomegranate Seeds


So, I’m sitting here now by my bay window, James Ingram singing on my Pandora, money drawing incense burning, heater making things toasty and cozy in my studio as my family chills nearby…Wayne’s reading, probably with a kitten in his lap and Sky just brought me a fresh cup of java and is now watching YouTube from his nest (his favorite chair). Piper is sleeping in my Nona’s chair here in the studio, Bijou is curled up with a kitten or two, Thor is thawing out having just come in from spending some time outdoors and Rainy is out with her boyfriend. The sun is setting, the mood is peaceful and easy and drifting toward a night of Survivor and art and coffee and popcorn after dinner which will be left overs from lunch…sticky rice, chicken slices and beef and stir fry in soy sauce veggies.

I’m snacking on pomegranate seeds and the little morsels burst open tasting like Thanksgiving and autumn and happy. Yes, pomegranate seeds taste happy if you ask me. I’m thinking of baskets of pinecones and pumpkin spice and everything nice and cozy and homey. I’m thinking of how much I love music, Kenny Nolan is singing now before him was The Carpenters. I’m thinking of Jon Bon Jovi having a restaurant where the patrons pay what they can and cool that is. People should not be hungry! I’m thinking of how personal art and food and music are, how much each one can touch the soul and how much better each one is when shared. I wish everyone in the world could feel Love and be Loved, I wish no one was ever lonely or scared or hungry or cold. I wish there was a person for every homeless animal and a home for every homeless person. I wish there was more Muchness in everybody’s lives. I think we loose Muchness as we get bogged down and we shouldn’t get bogged down because even during yucky times Life is still Good. There’s still music and peace and love and beauty all around if you look for it…don’t cha think? Holy cow, this is getting too deep, I think I need more coffee! I hope y’all have a wonderful twilight, a magicalNovember 15 aceo night and a peaceful sleep and memory filled tomorrow and I hope you’ll try to stop by the barefoot home again tomorrow…I’ll have coffee and art supplies scattered about and music and incense and peace love art 😀


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