Hop in the Way Back Buggy…we’re cruising down memory lane again :)


Beep beep! Hop in my way back buggy (those who may be reading this and I thank you for doing so) ’cause I’m cruising down memory lane again tonight. I don’t know why but I’ve had Jr. High School on my mind. I went to Albemarle Jr. High and I loved loved loved it! We had breeze ways that lead to the bathrooms in the three story brick school and it had a basement too. Science class was in the basement. My school had the best hamburgers (I wasn’t a vegetarian then). My boyfriend was in a different class so we didn’t have lunch together but for a few minutes I would get to see him in the cafeteria and I felt so special having this super cute guy, his name was Ronald, smile at me and wave to me. One day while playing soccer in gym class I fell and when I did my face scrapped down the side of someone’s jeans leg and messed my eye up! I looked like I had been hit! When he saw me at lunch he jumped up from his table to see what had happened to me. I remember the concern in his face. He was ready to get at somebody for hitting me lol. I got to stay home from school the next day and I remember my mom starting a fire in the fireplace and I curled up in the chair to read a book…in French! I was obsessed with all things french. I got pretty good at speaking it there for a while too and since I started using Duolingo I found I actually have retained quite a bit of it. My Italian is really really really rusty though and I have fallen so far behind in my studies it’s just disgraceful! But I’ll get back on track one of these days. I’ve got to…I want to be prepared for the day I get to go to Cortona, Italy….ahhh…someday. I remember one our course studied the Salem witch trials and we held a court in which I was a defense attorney and I felt very strongly about these women being falsely accused so I did my best and I won! That was fun. I remember our library, it was huge and wonderful. My gosh, those were the best times. I remember my bed room, it was baby blue and had the best view of the creek and a hill and the moonlight that streamed in across my bed as I lay there drawing and dreaming and listening to my K-tel albums. I remember dancing around my bedroom for hours and laying out my clothes for the next day (something I still do) and opening my door and stepping out into the hall that felt really chilly until I got down stairs to the fireplace and the tv and the coke float I would enjoy most every evening. Loved coke floats, sipped in my pajamas, using both a spoon and a straw, curled up in the chair watching something like Welcome Back, Kotter or Sanford and Son or Happy Days or Mork and Mindy with my family.

imgres Ok, pulling over, reluctantly, because I need to go start dinner….on the menu tonight…for Sky, Rainy, and Michael…french bread pizzas, bread sticks and salads, well, salad because only Sky will have one, they wont. For Wayne…a BBQ salad with fries, hushpuppies, and onion rings. For me…a salad and a veggie pita pizza and later on some popcorn with art and tv and a comfy cozy night at the barefoot home but I’m so not barefoot! Wearing a pair of Wayne’s thick socks and wooly boots with my pjs tonight because baby, it’s cold outside! Y’all keep comfy cozy too and try to stop by tomorrow ok? I’ll have coffee! Always do!! and Peace Love Art ~


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  1. Regina Farmer says:

    You made me recall things about Junior HIgh I hadn’t remembered in a while! Love reading your blog!

    1. dawn says:

      Thanks for the comment Regina!! I loved that school,I really did…Memories are awesome! Sometimes you have to go back to go forward I think 😀 Much Peace & Love!!!!

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