Life is Best When Lived Simply…for me anyhow…Life is Good

It’s only about ten past nine but I bet you I could fall asleep and it would only take a few minutes! I’d be up by 1 or 2 am but I am so sleepy! It’s been a really fast and busy day for me. I was of course, up early working on updating my art blog scanning and loading new images for the Custom Design your own coloring book. I uploaded 141 new images to choose from!! I did my usual everyday chores…liter boxes, meals, dishes, a load of laundry, fed the animals and went to the flea market where I got to see Tami and Alex and get some new incenses Yay!!! I love love love my incense! I keep it burning just about all the time. Tami’s incense is a quality product too! Oh my gosh, it smells so good and releases so much positive energy as well.

For lunch today I made BBQ salad that I served with hushpuppies, onion rings, fries and sliced toasted up Italian bread.

It’s calling for thunderstorms tomorrow. You know what that means! Snow within two weeks!

A week or so ago I was trying to think of a song we sang in chorus.  I could remember it but not clearly enough to find it and today I heard it! The Carpenters sang it! It was called The Rainbow Connection. Have you ever heard it? I love that song. Hold on and I’ll go see if it’s on YouTube, be right back….Found it! I knew Kermit the Frog sang it! Here’s a link if you want to hear it….

Boy, that takes me back. If you could, would you turn back time? To when? I love memories don’t you? Somehow we can let go of the bad ones, the yucky stuff and go to that happy place in our mind. The places of cozy and safe and happy and filled with wonder and anticipation…of something….anything from a doughnut from the Donut Dinette to Christmas. Life at it’s simplest is, I think, life at it’s best. Simple living is, for me, living close to nature, good food, art, family, memories and traditions and patchwork quilts and chenille bedspreads and knee socks and long scarves and coffee and stacks of books on the coffee table and records on the  turntable. It’s fresh bread homemade and honey butter and gingerbread and monkey pull apart bread. It’s a sewing machine and wind chimes and kitties napping on the window seat. It’s dogs sleeping in sunshine puddles on the living room floor and laughter and barefeet on wood floors and screen doors and rotary dial phones! It’s a smile and a nod as you pass a stranger and big bear hugs and compassion and respect and loyalty. It’s homemade mosaics and stain glass and burning incense and lava lamps and twinkle lights and peace love and happiness. And I think we should all live it, simply, that is and be happy!

DSCN0846So, my friends, I’m off to make art or take a before bedtime nap lol. Probably I go get more coffee and watch Nigella Lawson on YouTube while working on my hippie Christmas art quilt in my studio. So, y’all try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Have a great night! Peace Love Art


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  1. beautiful post…

    1. dawn says:

      Thanks so much!! I just really love life 😀

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