Keeping Comfy Cozy ‘Cause Baby It’s Cold Outside


Bad news…my Kodak printer died, the scanner still works but the printer doesn’t. The good news…we had a printer we bought at a yard sale for ten bucks back in the summer. It’s a Cannon and I can’t scan with it cause I don’t have a cord and it’s not wireless like the Kodak but the good news I can still scan with my Kodak! So Whew! I have a order to get ready this weekend! We’re going to the flea market tomorrow so I’ll get to see Tami and Alex and get some incense too! After it warms up that is. It’s going to be down in the twenties tonight! Baby it’s cold outside! I love it! I want to cook and bake and make all kinds of tasty things when it’s like this!! Cold nights call for incense and food and music and keeping warm and comfy cozy. I love love love this time of year!! And now I’m off to enjoy it and I hope y’all do too. Try to meet me back here tomorrow. Peace Love Art~DSCN0459


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